2000-2005 Research Topics (W. Lenggoro) 材料の微粒化、粒子の構造化、ナノ粒子の計測技術


Performed at Hiroshima University (with Prof. Kikuo Okuyama)

Development of synthesis method for smaller (but better quality) particles
*Spray pyrolysis: Experimental vs. Simulation | Spray pyrolysis for luminescent micro/nanoparticles
*Preparation of nanoparticles via spray route
*Nanoparticle separation in droplet micro-reactors…[Image]
*Aerosol route for direct-formation of doped phosphor nanoparticles…[Image]

Formation of nanostructured-powder
*Nanostructured powders derived from colloids.…[Image]

Aerosol method for separating solid and liquid in a colloidal suspension
*Dispersion and aggregation of colloidal nanoparticles in the gas-phase.

A new class of composite material
*Luminescent polymer electrolytes…[Image]

Techniques for measuring size of nanoparticles and water-soluble polymer
*Online-sizing of colloidal nanoparticles via aerosol route…[Image]
*Mass analysis of polymers by electrospray and mobility measurement

2000-2005 Research Topics (W.Lenggoro)_f0121534_23475435.jpg

*Size measurement of non-spherical metal particle and organic surfactant coated…..the thickness of the surfactants coated on particles was estimated by comparing the theoretically and experimentally obtained size/mobilities….
Langmuir, 21 (23), 10375 -10382, 2005