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Professor of Chemical Engineering, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (TUAT), Department of Applied Physics & Chemical Engineering 化学物理工学科.

Koganei, 184-8588 Tokyo. 東京都小金井市中町2-24-16 東京農工大学

Administrative assistant: LABWL (a) cc.tuat.ac.jp

インドネシアに生まれ。1987年に世界銀行・政府派遣奨学生(国家公務員)試験に合格し、バンドン工科大学(1年生時)を中退。1988年に来日して,東京→広島→東京と引っ越しをしています。 1998年より国立大学教員に。2007年に(東京農工大学)研究室を立ち上げて以来,30名以上の学士・修士と約10名の博士が社会に飛び立っています(2018年3月まで)。Born in Indonesia. In 1987 he passed a governmental (the World-Bank) fellowship examination and quit ITB, a technological university, before a year. In 1998, he became a faculty member at a national university, and then established a research group at TUAT by Japan’s 1st tenure-track program (2007). From the group (2008-2018), 30+ bachelor/master and 10+ doctorate graduates are active in a wide range of industries, universities, etc.


ESSAY/Opinion (originally in Japanese, and English translation)



  • Bachelor course: Fundamentals of Chemical Engineering, Transport Phenomena, English for Science & Technology, Modeling Project Study, Materials Science & Engineering.
  • Graduate School: Advanced Energy and Materials Engineering
  • List, 授業

As Main Supervisor of Students (TUAT, 2007-2018) 主指導教員として

As a mentor to students (Hiroshima, 1998-2007) 指導教員(補助)として


  • EVENT: 1st on Powder Technology in Indonesia (2012, Jakarta) インドネシアに日本の粉体技術の紹介
  • EVENT: 1st on “Japan Process Engineering in Indonesia” (as Advisor and Delegation Sub-Leader, 2017, Jakarta) with Japan Management Association (JMA.日本能率協会). A report (JMA site)
  • EDUCATION: The 1st “real-time” (undergraduate) exchange in Japan, as co-writer of “1st-Proposal (2012)”: TUAT to ASEAN. (Made the 1st English language bachelor class in TUAT)
  • WEBSITE: 1st “smart-phone”-able site among Japan’s universities: BASE Grad. School website (as the initiator, producer)
  • WEBSITE: Department of Applied Physics and Chemical Engineering (started in 2019): tuat-chemphys.net
  • SOCIETY: Co”designed”: Vision 2023 of Society of Chemical Engineers Japan
  • SCHOLARSHIP: A new type, by “consortium” of several companies (SME) for an international student (2015-2018) 複数中小企業の共同による留学生奨学金制度
  • PARENTAL LEAVE: The 1st case (more than 2 months, a male academic staff) in the campus: キャンパス内の男性教員で初ての(二カ月以上)育児休業



Publications by Subject area (1997-2006 and 2007-2014)
Subject area (1997-2006 vs. 2007-2014)


FIELDS OF RESEARCH (analyzed by dimensions.ai, 2018/9)

CITATION (h-index, etc) 被引用

CONSULTING SERVICES (2007-2018, Tokyo U. Agr. Tech.) for manufacturers:

  • Inorganic chemicals, Personal care products, Cigarette, Environmental equipment, Photocatalyst paint,
  • Information technology equipment and services

CONSULTING SERVICES (1998-2006, Hiroshima Univ.) for manufacturers:

  • Electronic paste and ceramic equipment, Consumer electronic products, Electric light sources, Phosphors (for cathode ray tubes and X-ray intensifying screens), Ceramics and electronics, Functional pigments and electronic materials, Electric wire and optical fiber cables, Cosmetics, Complex inorganic color pigment, Mining mineral resources and electronic materials, Mining and smelting (non-ferrous metals), Computer printers and imaging related equipment,
  • Electronic products


  • Regional Editor, J. Nanoparticle Research (2008-2011) アジア・オセアニア主任編集者
  • Editor, J. Aerosol Research (エアロゾル研究 – Japan Aerosol Association of Science and Technology), (2008-2012)
  • Co-guest editor, J. Nanoparticle Research (2001, 2003).
  • Reviewer for 50+ Journals



  • Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan: 化学工学会、理科教育委員 2008-12 ; 関東支部幹事 2008-2012 ; Post Vision委員 (For Vision 2023) 2010-12; ASEAN委員 (from 2012)
  • Japan Association of Aerosol Science and Technology: Head of Young Associations 日本エアロゾル学会若手会代表 2006-2008; 会誌編集委員 Editorial Member 2008-2012.
  • Society of Powder Technology, Japan. Board Member of Kanto region 粉体工学会、関東談話会幹事 from 2012-…; 国際交流委員会委員 (from 2015)
  • National Institute of Science and Technology Policy (文部科学省 科学技術・学術政策研究所・科学技術動向研究センター (Science and Technology Foresight Center) 科学技術専門調査員 (2014-2017)
  • Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Reviewer. 日本学術振興会, 審査員 (2015-2017)


  • 学科webmaster, (from 2012-)
  • 学府(大学院)webmaster (from 2012-)
  • 国際交流委員会 2010-2012, 2016-2018
  • AIMSプログラム運営委員(環境志向技術革新コース)2014-…
  • 環境安全管理センター・運営委員 (2014-2016)
  • 他の大学内委員等



  • 1998-2006: 数百nm以下の多成分系機能性粒子の合成技術の開発
  • 1999-2002: 液中不純物の計測技術の開発(水由来のクラスターイオンの発見)
  • 2000-2006: 気中分散による液中粒子の計測法の開発(粒子径・分子量、個別熱分析)
  • 2001-2006: ナノ粒子の構造体・素子化
  • ….2007に農工大に異動….
  • 2007-: 電気化学によるナノ粒子の集積化法と合成法の開発
  • 2007-: 省エネ型・省資源型の微粒子・粉末の合成プロセス開発(特に熱移動操作)
  • 2008-: 環境中における粒子状物質の輸送現象(植物系、大気環境)の解明と制御

EDUCATION Background

  • 学部 Bachelor(1): Engineering Physics, Institute Technology Bandung (ITB) Indonesia, 1987-1988. Left the university, to start working (with a scholarship).
  • 日本語 Japanese language courses (in Jakarta 1987-1988) 国際交流基金・ジャカルタ
  • 日本語 Japanese language courses (in Tokyo 1988-1989) 国際学友会
  • 学部 Bachelor(2): Chemical Engineering, Hiroshima U., 1989-1993. Project: “Impact Tester for Evaluating Polymer Blend” (with Prof. Y. Nagase)
  • 修士 Master: Engineering of Transport Phenomena, Hiroshima Univ., 1993-1995. “Experimental and Stress Analysis of Polypropylene Blended with Rubber (Elastomer)” (with Prof. Y. Nagase)
  • 博士 Doctoral: 1995-1998. “Preparation of Metal Sulfide Fine Particles by Spray Pyrolysis” (with Prof. K. Okuyama)

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Wuled Lenggoro is a faculty member at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (TUAT). Originally from Indonesia, he earned a doctoral degree, and he previously held a faculty position (with tenure) at Hiroshima University, followed by visiting positions at RIKEN (Japan), Yale University (USA), and Lund University (Sweden). He started his independent career at TUAT with Japan’s first tenure-track program in 2007. At TUAT, he has supervised more than 13 doctoral students, 24 master’s students, and 33 undergraduate final projects. He has served as a Regional (Asia-Oceania) Editor of the Journal of Nanoparticle Research (Springer/Germany) and Editor of the Journal of Aerosol Research (Japan). He has co-authored more than 120 refereed journal articles, 20 reviews, and 20 patents. He was awarded the “Asian Young Aerosol Scientist Award” (2007), the “Chemical Engineering Science – Most Cited Paper 2003-2006 Award” (Elsevier), the “Iinoya Award” (2005), the “Kanji Takahashi Award” (2013), and the “Measurement Award” (2016) from Japan Association of Aerosol Science & Technology, among several other awards. Dr. Lenggoro has had a longstanding interest in “micro” and “global” transport phenomena. Current research concerns working out the design principles for understanding mass (and energy) flows of particulate systems in “good” and “bad” materials processing.


Research group…

INTRODUCTION (2013/3) for an Interview by Petrotech Magazine (石油学会会誌) The Japan Petroleum Institute.

職  歴:1998-2006年広島大学工学部助手, 2007年東京農工大学大学院共生科学技術研究院特任准教授(テニュアトラック教員), 2009年同大学院工学研究院准教授(テニュア教員)。機能材料の合成法と環境技術のための微粒子工学に取り組む。

代表的な著書:Encyclopedia of Nanoscience & Nanotechnology (American Scientific), 微粒子工学大系(フジテクノシステム), Handbook of Luminescence, Display Materials & Devices (American Scientific)を分担執筆。

趣  味:音楽

自己紹介: 日本に留学生した1989年頃には、同級生に「インドネシアにはテレビはあるの?(もちろんありました)」と聞かれ落ち込みましたが、最近はインターネット等で「生の情報」が流れるようになり、いい時代になったと思います。

BASE TUAT building

SELECTED PUBLICATIONS. 主な学術発表論文(2007-2018, with TUAT students)

省エネ型合成法の開発: 熱対流で液滴群を破壊した現象の発見:Decomposition of solution droplets under the influence of thermal convection over a heated horizontal plate, Advanced Powder Technology (2018)

酵素の固定化法の開発: Immobilisation of cyclodextrin glucanotransferase into polyvinyl alcohol nanofibres via electrospinning, Biotechnology Reports (2016)

ナノ粒子の固定化法の開発: 100nm多孔体中に:Immobilization of colloidal particles into sub-100 nm porous structures by electrophoretic methods in aqueous media, Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects (2014)

パルス型電気泳動法の提案(特許出願):Electrophoretic packing structure from aqueous nanoparticle suspension, Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects (2010)

表面分析法の開発: ラマン分光法と粒子集積化との組み合わせ:Probing a dip-coated layer of organic molecules by aerosol nanoparticles sensor with sub-100 nm resolution based on surface-enhanced Raman scattering, M. , RSC Advances (2015)

オンサイト微量成分分析法の開発: ppbまで検出可:A colloidal route to detection of organic molecules based on surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy using nanostructured substrate derived from aerosols, Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, 50:06GG10 (2011)

Dynamic/Static間の現象解明:親水性/疎水性と微粒子沈着のしやすさ:Area-selective deposition of charged particles derived from colloidal aerosol droplets on a surface with different hydrophilic levels, Journal of Aerosol Science (2014)

Example of works with Hiroshima University members (at Okuyama Lab 1998-2006):

ナノ粒子個別の熱分析手法の提案:Colloidal Nanoparticle Analysis by Nanoelectrospray Size Spectrometry with a Heated Flow, Analytica Chimica Acta, 585(2), 193-201 (2007)

粒子径と結晶子径と蛍光強度との関係:Correlations between Crystallite/Particle Size and Photoluminescence Properties of Submicron Phosphors, Chemistry of Materials, 19(7):1723-1730 (2007)

液中ナノ粒子の気中分散による集積法の開発:Nanoparticle assembly on patterned “plus/minus” surfaces from electrospray of colloidal dispersion, Journal of Colloid Interface Science, 303(1),124-130 (2006)

液中ナノ粒子用の計測法の開発:Sizing of colloidal nanoparticles by electrospray and differential mobility analyzer methods, Langmuir (ACS Journal of Surfaces and Colloids), 18(2), 4584-4591 (2002)

ナノ粒子の気相合成法の開発:Novel route to nanoparticle synthesis by salt-assisted aerosol decomposition, Advanced Materials, 13, 1579 (2001)

粒子の噴霧法(エアロゾル法)における数値計算と実験結果の比較:An experimental and modeling investigation of particle production by spray pyrolysis using a laminar flow aerosol reactor, Journal of Materials Research, 15(3), 733-743(2000)

蛍光体粒子の製造:Preparation of fine phosphor and luminescent micro/nano particles using spray pyrolysis, in Handbook of Luminescence, Display Materials and Devices (American Scientific) Vol.2, 327-359 (2003)

As Examiner for Doctoral Thesis: 博士論文の副査(農工大)

2018: Nguyen Thanh Tung, Pu Jianglong, Taketoshi Ito


2016: Kinjiro Kanazawa, Shunzo Shimai, Takeshi Mori,

2015: Yoko Hanada, Ken Yoshioka.

2014/12- Hossein, Taherzadeh (Ogino Lab)

2013/2 : ゴンショウホン(龚 紹峰) (Sen Lab)

2012/12: Nomura, Yousuke (Kamiya Lab)

2012/8: Cao, Zhenbo (Ogino Lab)

2012/6: 李 森 (Sen Lab) Saccharification of Lignocellulosic Biomass Using Solid Acid Catalysts

2012/2: 金尾美樹 (Kanao, Miki) 脂環構造含有ポリマーの構造制御と機能化 Ogino Lab.

2012/2: 譚 穎 (たいしん) Block copolymers based on polyfluorenes for luminescent materials: Ogino Lab

2012/2: 吉田 健一 (Shimomura Lab)

2012/1: 小林 晃 (Kamiya Lab)

2010/8: 西田 貴裕 (Takiyama Lab)

2010/8: 本間 正洋(神谷研)

2010/3- Kiba, Shosuke (Nakato Lab)

2010/3- Hisashi, Hideyuki (Kamiya Lab)

2010/3- Takebayashi, Kenji (Kamiya Lab)

2009/8- Amit Suri (Horio Lab)

2009/2- Nikaido, Masanori (Kamiya Lab)

2008/9- Wada, Masashi (Kamiya Lab)

2008/9- Yokohama, Naoki (Nakata Lab)

2008/3- Jie Shen (Ogino Lab)

As Examiner for Doctoral Thesis: National University of Singapore

2010-2011: Balasubramanian Suresh Kumar “Biodistribution and implications of exposure to gold nanoparticle”