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>> Our overseas visitor (from 2007 to 2011)

2012 Dec.13: Three undergraduate students from National University of Singapore (a program of TUAT International Center).シンガポール国立大学(NUS)で日本語を履修している理工系の学部学生(3名)Mr. TOH Chen Yang (Faculty of Engineering, Chemical Engineering)
; Mr. SURIADY Ivan Chandra (Faculty of Engineering, Chemical Engineering)
; Ms. ONG Yi Lin (Faculty of Science, Food Science and Technology).

With NUS (Singapore) students, Dec. 2012
With NUS students, 2012

8 Dec: Prof. Chi-Hwa Wang, Chemical Engineering, National University of Singapore (with Prof. C. Fushimi) www.chbe.nus.edu.sg

30 Nov.: Profs. Prof. Tjandra Setiadi, Chemical Engineering, Institut Teknologi Bandung ITB ppprodtk.fti.itb.ac.id (Bioprocess Engineering, Also Head of Centre for Environmental Studies ITB)
and Rhiza S. Sadjad, Department of Electrical Engineering, Hasanuddin University, Ujungpandang/Makassar unhas.ac.id/rhiza/

26 Nov. Prof. Wolfgang Peukert (Erlangen University, Germany) with his seminar “Fundamentals and application of particle surface design, functionalization and characterization”

Oct-Dec. ADRIAN NUR (アドリアン ヌール) Visiting doctoral student / visiting fellow, a doctoral student of Chemical Engineering, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) (セプルノペンバー工科大学), Indonesia, with supervision of Prof. Heru Setyawan (also TUAT visitor Oct.-Nov. 2009) He is also, an academic staff of Department of Chemical Engineering, at Sebelas Maret University(セベラスマレット大学), a national university in Central Jawa. “Study on synthesis of nanomaterials by an electrochemical method”

24-29 Sept. One of our alumni, Nazli Naim (TUAT Doctoral course, 2007-2010); He is a senior lecturer of Department of Process and Food Engineering, Universiti Putra Malaysia

12 April: Ten students (Bachelor and Doctoral) from Malaysia (Malaysian – Japan International Institute of Technology) UTM.
(Photo by Prof. K. Ikeda, Mechanical Engineering, TUAT)

16-22 Jan. Dr. Asep Sofyan (
Department of Environmental Engineering, Institut Teknologi
Bandung, ITB) http://www.ftsl.itb.ac.id/ Project: Impact of
 particles on the plants (food-type) Sponsor: Indonesian government
and Japanese MEXT Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on
Innovative Areas (2008-2013) He was also our visitor in 2008 under 
JSPS fellowship program: TUAT Biomass project for South-East Asian

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