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Thermal convections break the suspended mist: A new particle synthesis method. 熱対流が浮遊ミストを破壊:新しい粒子(層)の合成法



•The role of thermal convection on reactive spray deposition over a heated plate.
•Nozzle-to-plate distance affecting morphology and size of deposited particles.
•Discovery of a low-energy route to layer of nanoparticles with high crystallinity.

Advanced Powder Technology. doi.org/10.1016/j.apt.2017.10.026

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We tried to use plant-derived raw materials for the synthesis of battery powder. 電池用粉末の合成に植物由来の原料を使ってみました。

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Lithium manganese oxide (LiMn2O4) powders with particle sizes in the range of 100 nm – 600 nm have been synthesized through glucose-assisted combustion synthesis. The presence of glucose increases the stability of the precursor solution, purity of the heat-treated powders, and decreasing on size of the synthesized particle.

グルコースの添加により、熱処理される前の粉末の前駆体(LiとMnの溶液)の「安定性」が向上し、合成された粒子の微粒化(サイズ減少)にも効果的。100~600 nmの範囲の粒径を持つリチウムマンガン酸化物(LiMn2O4)粉末が合成できました。

Pram Doris

OPEN ACCESS: dx.doi.org/10.2109/jcersj2.122.976
Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan (2014)
by Pramujo Widiatmoko#, Doris Nekesa Khaemba#, I. Wuled Lenggoro (# equal contribution).
Pramujo was a doctoral student, now with Dept. of Chemical Engineering, Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB, Indonesia); Doris was a bachelor student, now with Univ. of Leeds (UK) as Marie Currie Fellow.


Some journal articles from our group1288741555_themes

Book on Powder Synthesis (in Japanese). 先端材料創生のための粒子合成技術(著書)

作り方でこんなに変わる粉体の機能(増補 2013 年改訂版)―先端材料創生のための粒子合成技術―
定価 31,500 円(税込) 本文 610 頁
2013 年 09 月 01 日 第 4 版第 1 刷発行

Book Cover

Lenggoro was one of the authors, for a chapter.

== Other book/chapters (written/co-written by Lenggoro)==

PAPER: Thermal stability of magnetite particles made by an electrochemical method, 電気化学法で合成した磁気粒子の熱安定性

JOURNAL: Advanced Powder Technology, Available online 3 December 2012.


For product’s durability (lifespan)
= To be durable and long‑lasting…


Thermal stability of silica-coated magnetite nanoparticles prepared by an electrochemical method
Fauziatul Fajaroh, Heru Setyawan, Adrian Nur, I. Wuled Lenggoro
– Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science, Malang State University, Malang, Indonesia
– Department of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Industrial Technology, Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS), Surabaya, Indonesia.
– Graduate School of Bio-Applications and Systems Engineering, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Tokyo, Japan


Magnetite nanoparticles have been prepared by electrooxidation of iron in water. Surface modifications have been conducted by coating the nanoparticles with silica by a one-step synthesis in dilute sodium silicate solution. The mean size of particles was approximately 10–30 nm for the uncoated particles and 9–12 nm for the coated particles. The results obtained from thermal gravimetric/differential thermal analysis (TG/DTA) revealed that the silica layer formed by the electrochemical method was stable and could serve as a protective layer. Annealing the nanoparticles at 550 °C converts magnetite into maghemite for the silica-coated particles, and it further converts the uncoated particles into hematite. The conversions cause the saturation magnetization to decrease for all samples.

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Visiting doctoral student: Adrian Nur (Oct.-Dec. 2012) 訪問研究者(博士課程)

ADRIAN NUR (アドリアン ヌール)

Visiting doctoral student / visiting fellow (October to December 2012)

A doctoral student of Chemical Engineering, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) (セプルノペンバー工科大学), Indonesia, with supervision of Prof. Heru Setyawan (also TUAT visitor Oct.-Nov. 2009), and with same program with Ms. Fauziatul Fajaroh (also a TUAT visitor Oct.-Dec. 2010).

Also, an academic staff of Department of Chemical Engineering, at Sebelas Maret University(セベラスマレット大学), a national university in Central Jawa.

“Study on synthesis of nanomaterials by an electrochemical method”

2012.3: presentation SCEJ, 学会発表

2012/3/15 Tokyo, SCEJ Annual Meeting
Fabrication of particle-based probes and a protocol for detection of pesticide spread in the environment
(in Japanese) by Gen, Kakuta, Kamimoto, Lenggoro
(D1)玄 大雄・ (植物情報物質研究センター) 角田 英男・ (神奈川県産業技術センター) 上元 好仁・Wuled Lenggoro

2012/3/16 Tokyo, SCEJ Annual Meeting
Influence of sugar-to-carbon conversion on the synthesis of metal oxide powders
(in Japanese) by Sato, Widiatmoko, Lenggoro
(M2)佐藤 広崇, (D1)Pramujo Widiatmoko, Wuled Lenggoro

2012/3/3 Tokyo: SCEJ students conference
Synthesis of micro-meter sized metal oxide powders for solar-cell application
(in Japanese) by Kondo, Lenggoro
第14回 化学工学会学生発表会(東日本地区)
(B4)近藤 悠介・Wuled Lenggoro

OTHER PRESENTATIONS (by collaborators)
2012/3/16, Tokyo, SCEJ Annual Meeting
(東農工大工) ○(学)江島 達弥 ・ (東農工大BASE) (学)関澤 知哉 ・ (正)塚田 まゆみ ・ (正)Wuled Lenggoro ・ (正)神谷 秀博

2012/3/15-17, Sapporo, The 62nd Annual Meetings of Japan Wood Research Society
(農工大農)山根健一、半 智史、山口真弘、Widyanto Dwi Nugroho, (森林総研)黒田克史(北大農)佐野雄三、
(農工大BASE)(M1)関 明人、Wuled Lenggoro、(農工大農)伊豆田 猛, 船田 良

Open Seminar by Dr. H. Setyawan – Synthesis of nanoparticles

TUAT-BASE Visiting scholar – Dr. Heru Setyawan
Professor, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS), Indonesia:

Title = Synthesis of nanoparticles by a novel electrochemical method.

Place: BASE, 2nd Floor Meeting room, Koganei, TUAT