Our results in a popular book (about PM2.5)

Our result were introduced in a book on PM2.5 (Author: Shiro Hatakeyama (TUAT) 2014) 越境する大気汚染: 中国のPM2.5ショック 著者: 畠山史郎 ISBN: 978-4-569-81740-8 (842 Yen) ==>> Book/Chapters by Wuled Lenggoro

Invited presentation. COMSOL (a simulation software) conference. 熱流体シミュレーション(招待)発表

We were invited for a poster talk at 2013 COMSOL Conference 2013 (Tokyo, 7 Dec.) 熱処理シミュレーションによる酸化物粉末のドーピング効率の向上 Optimization of Post-Heat Treatment for Doping of Metal Oxide Particles by P. Widiatmoko, Y. Kondo, H. Matsushima, W. Lenggoro Liquid-to-solid route for preparing a doped metal oxide (powder) shows advantage on the homogeneity of the precursor as well as…

2013 Kanji Takahashi Award for our paper, 高橋幹二賞

2013 Kanji Takahashi Award (from Japan Association of Aerosol Science and Technology) for our paper published in 2011: Measurement of Model Aerosols Containing Two Metal Components Formed via Cooling and Dilution Routes, Authors: Naoya HAMA, Yukie TAKASHIMA, Masao GEN, Mayumi TSUKADA, Hidehiro KAMIYA and Wuled LENGGORO* Journal of Aerosol Research, エアロゾル研究, 26, 277-285 (2011) For…

Iinoya Award (30th. Symposium on Aerosol) to a graduate student. 大学院生が学会賞を受賞

Doctoral student: MASAO GEN got the 2013 IINOYA AWARDduring 30th SYMPOSIUM ON AEROSOL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY (held in Kyoto Univ.)(Supplementary prize = cash prize of 100,000 Yen) “Development of a portable sensor system based on aerosol particles to detect pesticide residues” エアロゾル粒子センサーを用いた携帯型残留農薬検出システムの開発 (東京農工大学・大学院博士後期課程)玄 大雄 The award selection was based from a “special session” (5 min….

Invited to COMSOL Conference Tokyo 2012 (22 Nov.)

22 November 2012 COMSOL CONFERENCE TOKYO 2012 http://www.kesco.co.jp/conference/2012 Presenter: Masao Gen 冷却後の希釈器内における混合ガス由来のモデルエアロゾルの計測 Measurement of model aerosols derived from gas mixtures after cooling in a diluter 燃焼由来の重金属を含む粒子状物質は環境負荷の原因の一つとして懸念されている。発生ガスから粒子化は冷却ならびに希釈を経て起こるとされているが、未だに詳細なメカニズムは明らかになっていない。そこで本研究ではモデルガスから生成した粒子のオンライン計測を行った。また、ガスから粒子化へのプロセスの把握のため、流体と伝熱のシミュレーションを行い、実験結果との比較を行った。 The emission of particles involving heavy metals in combustion process is a contributor to environmental concerns. However there is little study on the mechanism by which gas-to-particle conversion occurs…

大学院生がシンガポールで発表 Asian Particle Technology Symposium 2012, Singapore

5th Asian Particle Technology Symposium, Singapore 3-5 July 2012 Proceedings ISBN: 978-981-07-2518-1 172: Oral: Assembly of Gas-Phase Nanoparticles on a Structural Substrate for Spectroscopic-Based Sensor to Detect a Pesticide Masao Gen*, Hideo Kakuta, Yoshihito Kamimoto, Wuled Lenggoro 銀ナノ粒子のエアロゾル集積によりセンサーを作製し、ラマン分光法との組み合わせを駆使して、現場(農場)における残留農薬の計測を試みた。(博士課程後期の玄にとっては初めての国際会議で口頭発表でした) 122: Oral: A Chamber System with Aerosol Generators for Exposures of Plants to Submicrometer-Sized Particles Wuled Lenggoro*, Masao Gen,…

【環境計測技術】煙突の模擬~ガスから微粒子への転換を計測した : Measuring particles from mixed gases

These results may be informative for predicting phenomena related to gas-to-particle conversion at the exit of stationary emission sources.火力発電所等の燃焼過程から生成すると考えられる混合排気ガスを実験室内で模擬した。This paper was awarded 2013 Takahashi Award from Japan Association Aerosol of Science and Technology. エアロゾル学会の2013年のTakahashi賞を受賞。