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PAPER: Removal of particles from potable water. 水道水(飲料水)から微粒子を採集

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stock-photo-water-pouring-from-a-jug-into-a-glass-on-blue-95668024Removal of iron-oxide particles after post-filtration in local potable water using an electrophoretic method

Collaborated with: Univ. Putra Malaysia; Univ. Teknologi MARA, Malaysia

Journal of Water Process Engineering: Vol. 9, Feb. 2016, Pages 208–214. doi:

Full text/PDF: Researchgate, or here

Keywords: Elnaim2016-waterectrophoretic deposition; Fibre electrodes; Limiting flux; Iron oxide; Zeta potential

Recent journal articles from our group.研究室から発表した(最近の)論文1288741555_themes

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Student presented “Pump-less spraying”: Symposium of Institute for Liquid Atomization & Spray Systems, 微粒化シンポジウム

2014/12/18, Hirosaki City (Aomori Pref.)
第23回 微粒化シンポジウム
23rd Symposium of the Institute for Liquid Atomization and Spray Systems – Japan
(A133) 毛細管現象を利用した Pumpless 静電微粒化法に関する研究
(M2)竹松 佑介, Wuled Lenggoro


Hirosaki University 50th Anniversary Building
Directly linked: Hirosaki University 50th Anniversary Building

Presentation by student.学生による学会等の発表Presentation by student. 学生による学会等の発表

Kusdianto, Doctoral presentation, 19 Aug. 2014, 博士論文公聴会

19 Aug. 2014. BASE 1st floor meeting room

DOCTORAL THESIS: The role of chemical and physical properties of substrate in the deposition of particles
by KUSDIANTO (Also a faculty member of Department of Chemical Engineering, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember, ITS)

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Student presented (in Osaka): Electroplating. 液中粒子状膜(学生が学会発表)

2013 Oct. 8-9, Osaka.

発表者= M1.内藤恵介

Formation of particulate metallic layer by electrophoretic deposition synchronized with electroplating
(Naito, Keisuke & Wuled Lenggoro)
Society of Powder Technology Autumn Meeting 2013

Silver particulate film (prepared by K. Naito)
Silver particulate film (prepared by K. Naito)

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Open article: Transport and assembly of particles, 粒子の輸送と集積化

Open article:


An open article, by Wuled Lenggoro (2008, 2009)

* Possible applications
– For Environment & Energy: Selective-deposition method for liquid-phase nanoparticle
– For Healthcare – Measuring the non-spherical nanoparticles in the gas-phase

* Potential impact on the environment :
– Development of the “world-first” and “the only” thermal analysis method for nanoparticle
– Direct assembly method of nanoparticle layer with high-crystallinity
– Direct-patterning of nanoparticle without using a vacuum system

* Expected impact on society

>> PDF, 550 KB

>> Another article (in Japanese): Enhancing crystallization and functionalization of materials via spray route. 噴霧法における微粒子材料の結晶化と機能化(2005-2007)

Open Seminar by Dr. H. Setyawan – Synthesis of nanoparticles

TUAT-BASE Visiting scholar – Dr. Heru Setyawan
Professor, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS), Indonesia:

Title = Synthesis of nanoparticles by a novel electrochemical method.

Place: BASE, 2nd Floor Meeting room, Koganei, TUAT