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A doctoral student presented in Asian Aerosol Conference 2017 (Jeju, Korea)博士学生が韓国で発表した。

Presenter: F. Faizal (Doctoral student),
S. Yokote (Master-student),
M. P. Khairunnisa (former doctoral student, now with Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia),
W. Lenggoro

“Direct- and Electrospray-Depositions of Particles Derived from Burning Candles”


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BEST PAPER AWARD at International Conference (PURE 2015, Malaysia)最優秀論文賞


11 Nov. 2015. BEST PAPER AWARD, 2nd International Conference on Purity, Utility Reaction and Environmental Research (PURE 2015), Kuala Lumpur.12265664_1658963404361849_7010463302459411147_o
“Development of a battery-driven passive sampling system for electrostatically trapping atmospheric particles”
(M. P. Khairunnisa, F. Faizal, H. Fukushima, M. Gen, P. Widiatmoko, I. W. Lenggoro*)



Full paper : Journal of Purity, Utility Reaction and Environment, 5(2), 43-50 (2016.Apr)

Open Access:


The related study was also honored as BEST POSTER AWARD during 12th Forum of Young Association of JAAST (Japan Association of Aerosol Science and Technology) 第12回エアロゾル若手フォーラム 2015/10/14 (Keio Univ.)

“A battery- and electrostatic-driven system for sampling suspended particles on a substrate”
(M. P. Khairunnisa, Ferry Faizal, Hisako Fukushima, Masao Gen*, Pramujo Widiatmoko**, I. Wuled Lenggoro)
Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology; *Tohoku University; **Institut Teknologi Bandung.


PAPER: Fine particles on bio-composite surface. ココナツ殻由来素材の表面に微粒子を集積

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* Physical treatment on the biocomposite increases the surface roughness.
* Single bond COOH network on the treated biocomposite promotes the particle deposition.
* The network reduces the particles repulsion during the deposition process.


# Bio-composite(バイオコンポジット)is a composite material formed by a matrix (resin) and a reinforcement of natural fibers.生物由来素材を組み合わせて作った素材

A nanostructure derived from TiO2 particle deposition onto a biocomposite surface derived from coir dust (ココナッツ廃棄物) was developed to control degradation. The coir dust was obtained from coconut kernel waste (ココナツ殻の廃棄物) and underwent drying treatment before it was mixed with polypropylene (PP) as the substrate. The TiO2 suspension was spray dried onto a hot-pressed substrate (biocomposite) with a surface roughness between 0.23 and 1.57 μm.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.apt.2014.11.006
Open article in PDF

Advanced Powder Technology (詳細・・・) Continue reading PAPER: Fine particles on bio-composite surface. ココナツ殻由来素材の表面に微粒子を集積

PAPER: Between Charged Aerosol Particles & Substrate’s Hydrophilicity.(発見)正帯電した気中浮遊粒子が親水性が高い表面に付きやすい現象

Area-selective deposition of charged particles derived from colloidal aerosol droplets on a surface with different hydrophilic levels...J. Aerosol Science. (a work by Kusdianto (Doctoral student, now with ITS, Indonesia), Gen (Doctoral student, joined Tohoku Univ. then City Univ. Hong Kong), and Lenggoro.

* Charged aerosol particles were derived from spraying colloidal droplets.
* Substrate with different ‘levels’ of hydrophilicity was used.
* Positively charged aerosol particles tended to approach the ‘more hydrophilic’ area.

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Patterning on ‘more hydrophilic’ area
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PAPER: Insertion of (water-phase) particles into sub-100 nm holes. 浮遊粒子を100nm以下の穴に固定化:サンドイッチ型複合材料

graphical-kusdianto2-revisedImmobilization of colloidal particles into sub-100 nm porous structures by electrophoretic methods in aqueous media

Kusdianto, Sasaki, Naim, Lenggoro, Colloids Surfaces A: 10.1016/j.colsurfa.2014.06.042

【新規性】新開発の「パルス型電気泳動法(Pulse-type Electrophoretic Deposition/EPD)」および従来EPD法を用いて、水中に浮遊する粒子を100nm以下の穴(ポーラス構造)に挿入・固定。世界初です。

PDFFull article

RELATED TECHNOLOGY: 関連技術・成果 Submicrometer- and nanometer-sized particles

Recent journal articles: From our group.
Recent journal articles: From our group.

Kusdianto, Doctoral presentation, 19 Aug. 2014, 博士論文公聴会

19 Aug. 2014. BASE 1st floor meeting room

DOCTORAL THESIS: The role of chemical and physical properties of substrate in the deposition of particles
by KUSDIANTO (Also a faculty member of Department of Chemical Engineering, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember, ITS)

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Student presented (in Osaka): Electroplating. 液中粒子状膜(学生が学会発表)

2013 Oct. 8-9, Osaka.

発表者= M1.内藤恵介

Formation of particulate metallic layer by electrophoretic deposition synchronized with electroplating
(Naito, Keisuke & Wuled Lenggoro)
Society of Powder Technology Autumn Meeting 2013

Silver particulate film (prepared by K. Naito)
Silver particulate film (prepared by K. Naito)

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