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Presented in Asian Particle Technology Symposium 2012, Singapore

Lenggoro and Gen (doctoral student) presented two papers in 5th Asian Particle Technology Symposium, Singapore 3-5 July 2012 Proceedings in USB-memory, ISBN: 978-981-07-2518-1 172: Oral: Assembly of Gas-Phase Nanoparticles on a Structural Substrate for Spectroscopic-Based Sensor to Detect a Pesticide Masao Gen*, Hideo Kakuta, Yoshihito Kamimoto, Wuled Lenggoro 銀ナノ粒子のエアロゾル集積によりセンサーを作製し、ラマン分光法との組み合わせを駆使して、現場(農場)における残留農薬の計測を試みた。(博士課程後期の玄にとっては初めての国際会議で口頭発表でした) 122: Oral: A Chamber System with Aerosol Generators… Continue reading Presented in Asian Particle Technology Symposium 2012, Singapore


Chaired – Tenure-track faculty presentation 25 June

W. Lenggoro chaired the first inter-departmental research presentation, by the current enure-track (new) faculties at Fuchu campus. 1. Dr. Satoshi Nakaba, Dept. of Environmental and Natural Resource Sciences - "Wood, Plant, Cell" 2. Dr. Nakamoto Keiichi. Dept. of Mechanical System Engineering - "Machine tool" 25 June 2012, Place: Headquarter building of Agriculture, Fuchu


2012.3: presentation SCEJ, 学会発表

2012/3/15 Tokyo, SCEJ Annual Meeting Fabrication of particle-based probes and a protocol for detection of pesticide spread in the environment (in Japanese) by Gen, Kakuta, Kamimoto, Lenggoro 化学工学会第77回年会 農薬の飛散分布の把握に向けた粒子構造形成と検出技術の開発 (D1)玄 大雄・ (植物情報物質研究センター) 角田 英男・ (神奈川県産業技術センター) 上元 好仁・Wuled Lenggoro 2012/3/16 Tokyo, SCEJ Annual Meeting Influence of sugar-to-carbon conversion on the synthesis of metal oxide powders (in… Continue reading 2012.3: presentation SCEJ, 学会発表

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A Visiting Fellow: Dr. Asep Sofyan (Jan. 2012)

January 16-21 A visiting fellow: Dr. Asep Sofyan (from Department of Environmental Engineering, Institut Teknologi Bandung, ITB) http://www.ftsl.itb.ac.id/ Project: Impact of particles on the plants (food-type) Sponsor: Indonesian government and Japanese MEXT Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas (2008-2013) He was also our visitor in 2008 under JSPS fellowship program: TUAT Biomass project for… Continue reading A Visiting Fellow: Dr. Asep Sofyan (Jan. 2012)


SSSV, 90 days Program, Indonesian students, 農工融合研修

JASSO/TUAT-funded: SSSV/Short-Stay (90 days) Program for Indonesian students on Agriculture and Engineering 日本インドネシア農工融合国際人材育成研修プログラム FELLOWS (Graduate Students) - Listya Citra Suluhingtyas (ITB) 2011/10- - Jenny Rizkiana (ITB) 2011/10- - Hanif Yuliani (UI) 2011/10- - Ira Trisnawati (UI) 2011/10- - Yessy Velina (IPB) 2011/12- - Effendi (IPB) 2011/12- Institut Teknologi Bandung: ITB; Institut Pertanian Bogor: IPB, Universitas… Continue reading SSSV, 90 days Program, Indonesian students, 農工融合研修