Alumni “Message”: from World’s top semiconductor equipment manufacturer. 世界トップシェア半導体装置メーカー、卒業生のメッセージ


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January 2022. by YT (Master graduated in 2015 修士修了生)

For the first two and a half years after joining the company, I was in charge of process development for semiconductor silicon wafer cleaning equipment, the company’s main product, and technical support at customer sites, etc. From late 2017 to early 2021, I was stationed in China for about three and a half years, where I was responsible for technical sales tasks such as developing new customers and training local subsidiary staff.

In Lenggoro lab, I worked on research involving nanoparticle behavior and botanical materials, but my current company is in the semiconductor manufacturing industry, so this is not a field that I was directly involved with. However, there were many situations where what I learned in the university was useful in unexpected places.

For example, I learned the difference between bulk flow and diffusion in transport phenomena studies as an undergraduate. On state-of-the-art semiconductor devices, there are numerous microscopic bumps on the order of several to several tens of nanometers (e.g., a swordsman-like image), and it is necessary to clean between these bumps. What parameters should be varied in order to successfully spread the cleaning solution among the bumps? Through simulations and experiments based on Fick’s diffusion law, I propose cleaning processes suitable for each customer’s products.

During my Bachelor or Master thesis, I also learned perspectives on physical phenomena from a microscopic point of view. In our company, for example, we provide products that spray water or chemical solutions onto wafers to cleanly remove nano-level debris adhering to bumpy gaps. At this time, we sometimes receive customer requests to remove only the debris without destroying the bumpy shape. To do this, we need to make the energy of all droplets as uniform as possible, which is the concept of particle size distribution.

In Lenggoro Lab, there were many non-Japanese students, so I had opportunities to speak with them even though my English was not very good. I had many opportunities to give presentations in foreign languages to clients during my stay in China, so although I was not skilled, I had the confidence to do so.

January 2022. by YT (Master graduated in 2015 修士修了生)