TUAT: Japan’s second “most-productive” university in terms of “Number of papers per academic-staff”. 教員あたりの学術論文数が国内2位(農工大)


Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (TUAT) is a university with many “high-research-producers”. The university has about 400 academic-staffs.

Japan’s second “most-productive” university in terms of “Number of papers per academic-staff”

UK-based QS announced the QS Asian University ranking 2018 (Oct. 2017), and TUAT ranked as the top 1% of universities in Asia. In particular, it became the second place in Japan as “the number of papers per academic-staff” which is an indicator of “research power”.

Not only the amount of research paper but also the quality (impact) has earned high praise. At the QS World University Ranking 2019 (June 2018), the number of citations per staff (how much was cited in other papers: an indicator of the impact of a paper) ranked 5th in Japan.

Cited from: www.rd.tuat.ac.jp/urac/qsasia2018.html



More Facts of TUAT:

(2012/8) Sankei Newspaper: “Liberal and innovative school spirit…”,

(2012) The world first: Building a plant factory for fruits: Advanced Plant Factory

(2011) Royalty income from patent was the highest among Japanese university, (then No.2 is Kyoto Univ., and No.3 is Univ. Tokyo)

2007) Ranked #1st Paper Citation Index (Field of Engineering, by Asahi Newspaper/University Ranking 2007 and ISI-Thomson)

(2005 fiscal year) Grants per one faculty in joint research with industry was the highest among Japanese universities.


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