Visitors: TUAT Distinguised Guest Professors (Hong Kong, South Korea, Finland)農工大特別招へい教授3名が研究室訪問


Jan 8, 2015
We welcomed a guest from Hong Kong Univ. Sci. & Tech.: Prof. Chak K. Chan (also the Editor-in-Chief of Atmospheric Environment). He joined our lab’s seminar and given us a introduction talk about HKUST and his studies.

On the same day, two other TUAT Distinguised Guest Professors” have also visited us:
Prof. Yong Pyo Kim (Environmental Sci. & Eng, Ewha Womans Univ., Seoul, Korea)
Prof. Esko Kauppinen (Nanomaterials Group, Applied Physics, Aalto Univ., Finland)

All of them are the members of TUAT Global Innovation Research Organization


*** Visitors from abroad to our lab.