Lim Fong Zyin – Master student


2011/8/17-20, Asian Aerosol Conference, Xi’an
An aerosol generator system for long-duration exposures of plants to submicrometer-sized particles
M. Gen; F.-Z. Lim; S. Ikawa; M. Yamaguchi; T. Izuta; W. Lenggoro

2010/10/6-8, APPCHE, Taipei,
A plant growth chamber system for the exposure to submicron aerosol particles
Wuled Lenggoro, Masao Gen, Fong-Zyin Lim, Seiji Ikawa, Masahiro Yamaguchi, Takeshi Izuta.
— Got a poster paper award.

2010/9/7, Kyoto: Autumn Meeting of Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan
Lim Fong Zyin, 玄 大雄, 神谷 秀博, 伊豆田 猛, Wuled Lenggoro*

2010/8/4, Nagoya, Japan Aerosol Symposium
A plant growth chamber system for the exposure to submicron particles
Wuled Lenggoro, 玄 大雄 (Masao Gen), Lim Fong Zyin, 井川 誠司(Seiji Ikawa), 山口 真弘 (Masahiro Yamaguchi), 伊豆田 猛 (Takeshi Izuta)

2010/3/6, Tokyo: 第12回 化学工学会 学生発表会(東日本地区)
玄 大雄, Lim Fong Zyin, 井川 誠司, 山口 真弘, 伊豆田 猛, Lenggoro Wuled*

2011 April 7:
Received a certificate of commendation from TUAT president, for a work on “Design and fabrication of aerosol system for plants-growth chamber” as “Best Poster Paper at 13th APPChe (2010)”…学生に学長より表彰状が送られてきました。