LAB News in 2009


Nov.30-Dec.2: 第47回 粉体に関する討論会. Hachioji (Speaker: Sasaki/M1)

Nov. 24-27: 6th Asian Aerosol Conference, Bangkok (WL: Committee member)

Nov.18-20: Inchem Tokyo 2009 (The biggest trade fair in Asia for Chemical Plant Engineering and Advanced Materials) – (WL: co-author of a poster)

Nov. 19: Sapporo, 22nd International Microprocesses and Nanotechnology Conference (MNC 2009) (Nazli: presenter)

Nov.7: Open Lab for public (by Sasaki,Iguchi,Gen,Lim)

Nov.4: Lab introduction to B3 students (by M1 and B4)

Oct.21-22, Osaka: Autumn meeting of Society of Powder Technology. (Speakers: Anzai/M2 and WL)

Oct.8: Sapporo,「エアロゾル・オゾン等による植物影響に関するシンポジウム」-増加する越境大気汚染から森林を守る- 主催:新学術研究領域「東アジアにおけるエアロゾルの植物・人間系へのインパクト」植物班, 共催:日本木材学会北海道支部,大気環境学会北海道東北支部 (WL: co-author)

Autumn tree in our campus, 2009

Sept.25: Midterm presentation for B4 students, 中間発表

Sept. 16-19: Autumn meeting, Society of Chemical Engineers, Hiroshima (Speaker: M1/Iguchi, M2/Takashima, WL: Session chair)

Sept.14: 4th Asian Particle Technology Symposium, New Delhi (WL:co-author)

Sept.14: Midterm presentation for M1 students, 研究計画発表

Sept.10-11: Electrochemical Society of Japan, Autumn Meeting. 電気化学秋季大会、特別講演, Koganei, Tokyo (WL: Invited talk). Program.

Aug.24-25: “Semi-open” Symposium of the Aerosol Project (Impact on Plants and Human), Koganei. …More

August 19-21: 26th Symposium on Aerosol Science and Technology, Okayama (Speaker: M2/Sagawa, D1/Hama)

July 22-23: The 3rd Asian Physics Symposium, Bandung, Indonesia (WL: International Advisory Board)

June 5: Open-seminar at Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Padjadjaran University, Bandung (WL: Invited Speaker)
June 3: National Seminar & Workshop: Science & Technology Nano 2009 Bandung (WL: Keynote Speaker, Committee)

May 26-27: Spring meeting of Society of Powder Technology, Tokyo. (WL: speaker and session chair)

Three in Shinjuku,Tokyo
March 25: Graduation day (for ST, NT, IY, SK)
March 23: Intermediate presentation for Master degree students (1st year)

March 18-20: Annual Meeting Society of Chemical Engineers Japan, Yokohama. (Speaker:D2/Nazli, Session-Chair:WL)
March 5: Dr.Sofyan (visiting fellow) presented at Symposium of TUAT-JSPS project on biomass (Chair: WL)

Feb.24: WL presented in 接合科学研究会, Yokohama National University
Feb.20: Doctoral degree: Intermediate presentation (NN)
Feb.17: Bachelor degree: Final presentation
Feb.3: WL presented in 外部評価委員会

Jan.19: Semi-open Seminar by WL (for BASE and Departments’ faculty members)