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Powtex Tokyo 2018: Student Tour

28 Nov. 2018: Lab's students visited POWTEX TOKYO 2018 (Hosted by Association of Powder Process Industry and Engineering, JAPAN) 22nd International Powder Technology Exhibition Tokyo. 国際粉体工業展東京2018  We have also visited in 2016 (the same venue: TOKYO BIG SIGHT) . Related to this event, our lab also welcomed guests from Indonesia (Professors from Univ. Padjadjaran, and… Continue reading Powtex Tokyo 2018: Student Tour

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Crowdfunding: Aerosol Research Using Mt. Fuji. 富士山頂の測候所

A "message" from Waseda University (Profs. Okochi and Shimada) クラウドファンディング 富士山頂の測候所から、大気汚染物質の広がりの謎にせまる! https://academist-cf.com/projects/?id=54

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A graduate student at Asian Aerosol Conference (Korea, July 2017)

A doctoral student (Ferry Faizal) presented his study at 10th Asian Aerosol Conference (AAC2017), which was held in Jeju, Korea, 2 to 6 July 2017. Assembly of particles from candle burning Attracting 541 delegates, speakers, and sponsors from 19 countries around the world. Photo: Conference official website

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1st Powder Technology Conference & Exhibition in Indonesia (8-10 Aug. 2017)

1st International Conference and Exhibition on Powder Technology, Indonesia (ICePTi-2017)  Date: 2017-Aug.8-10, Venue: Univ. Padjadjaran (Jatinangor, near Bandung) in conjunction with  4th Japan Powder Technology Forum in Indonesia.(with 13 companies from Japan) >> The previous Forum (Dr. Lenggoro is Advisory Board Member of ICEPTI and Co-organizer of JPTF)

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Invited in a forum of Association of Powder Process Industry and Engineering (APPIE)

Lenggoro was invited for an event of The Association of Powder Process Industry and Engineering, JAPAN (APPIE) As a panelist in a forum for young powder-technologist (from industries) http://www.appie.or.jp/event/iinkai/h24/130327wakate.pdf 一般社団法人日本粉体工業技術協会 人材育成委員会 (通算 43 回)第 1 回「技術部門の若手のつどい」

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Visit Indonesian-Research Centers, 6 July. インドネシアの研究センターを訪問

6 July 2012: With five fellows from Japanese companies (including two CEOs) and four researchers from Japan's research institutes and university; W. Lenggoro (as a leader) visited some of Indonesian government research centers under the Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT) - Center of Pharmaceutical & Medical Technology, Laboratories for The Development… Continue reading Visit Indonesian-Research Centers, 6 July. インドネシアの研究センターを訪問

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Organized / Japan Powder Technology Forum in Jakarta (5 July) 粉体技術紹介inジャカルタ

W. Lenggoro acted as chief-organizer for the 1st Japan Powder Technology Forum in Jakarta 2012. Short-Presentations/Exhibition from Industries by Society of Powder Technology, Japan. 粉体工学会の海外活動の一環としてインドネシア政府機関の技術系庁の会場で日本の技術の説明会と講演会を開催しました Indonesian site website (including program): powdertech.wordpress.com Venue: *BPPT 2nd Building (Jl. M.H. Thamrin No.8), Jakarta, Indonesia. >> Thamrin area Time: 13:30-16:00, July 5 2012. Sponsor: Society of Powder Technology, Japan.… Continue reading Organized / Japan Powder Technology Forum in Jakarta (5 July) 粉体技術紹介inジャカルタ


VISION 2023, Soc. Chemical Engineers Jpn. レンゴロ委員

http://www.scej.org/docs/general/vision2023/VISION2023.pdf Society of Chemical Engineers Japan - VISION 2023 2023年の化学工学会のあるべき姿を描いたものではあるが、それぞれの機能実現に向けての道筋や機能形態についての具体的な提案がなされている。 Wuled Lenggoro was a Member of Post-Vision 2011 (for preparing Vision 2023) Committee.


粉体工学会関東談話会, 見学・講演会..Soc. Powder Tech. SEMINAR & LAB TOUR

Society of Powder Technology - SEMINAR & LAB TOUR (1 Dec. 2011, Koganei, Tokyo) 粉体工学会・関東談話会 見学・講演会 日時:2011年12月1日(木)15:00-17:00 場所:東京農工大学(東京都小金井市中町2−24ー16)BASE本館1階会議室 最寄駅:JR中央線東小金井駅 プログラム 15:00-15:05 <開会挨拶> 15:05-15:35 講演1「機能性ナノ粒子の表面設計による液中分散制御」飯島 志行, 神谷 秀博 15:35-16:05 講演2「医薬品結晶製造での非溶媒添加晶析の操作設計戦略」滝山 博志 16:05-16:35 講演3「サブミクロン粒子の生成と集積手法の開発」Wuled Lenggoro 16:35-17:00 研究室の見学:神谷研究室、滝山研究室、レンゴロ研究室 17:30~ 懇親会 旬彩庭華美(はなび)042-3853433 (小金井市東町4-46-12)予算:2500円〜 ________________________________________________ 参考: 講演2「医薬品結晶製造での非溶媒添加晶析の操作設計戦略」 有機結晶を製造するときに多用されている非溶媒添加晶析について、結晶多形を有する医薬品結晶を製造するような場合に必要とされる操作条件設定の指針について、三成分相図を用いた考え方を紹介する。 ________________________________________________________________________ >> SPTJ-Kanto..粉体工学会・関東談話会


Symposium for high school students, 高校生ためのシンポジウム

2011/July 30 17th Symposium for high school students ...(化学工学会関東支部主催) 第17回高校生ためのシンポジウム「環境技術」と実験見学・体験会 (小金井キャンパス)... 講演会は大学生や社会人も歓迎いたします。