Fluorescence microscope, 蛍光顕微鏡

Our system basic: Olympus BX53 http://microscope.olympus-global.com/en/ga/product/bx53/ …Info in Japanese: http://www.olympus.co.jp/jp/lisg/bio-micro/product/bx53/ Lens: UPLSAPO 10X, 20X, 40X UPLSAPO 100XOPH (Immersion Liquid: Oil) Other Functions: * Phase contrast, 位相差観察 (Lens: UPLFLN 10X2PH, 20XPH, 40XPH) * ミラーユニットCFP用, YFP用 Objectives: Main Fields: Medical and biological sciences. The technique has made it possible to identify cells and cellular components with a…

A workstation for numerical simulation, 計算機

A simulation hardware: 計算機 Workstation RAM: 32 GB; HD = 1 TB; CPU : Intel ® Xeon® Processor X5690(3.46 GHz, 6 core) for Simulation software:, 数値シミュレーション(有限要素法、熱流体、など) FEM based multi-physics COMSOL From fluid flow/heat transfer to structural mechanics and electromagnetic analyses. http://www.comsol.com/ Other Facilities : 他の設備

New building with Restaurant and Cafe, 新しいビルとカフェ

A new building with a restaurant, a cafe and a hall – in front of our BASE building. (Restaurant opens 10:00-14:30, 16:00-20:00, on Saturday 10:00-14:30) (Cafe opens 10:00-20:00) 12月に私たちがいる建物(BASE本館)の前に140周年記念会館(愛称:エリプス)がたちました。 次世代省エネ型ビルの中には、レストラン、カフェ、ホール、会議室等があります。 From: http://www.tuat.ac.jp/news/

UV, visible, near-IR spectrophotometer, 顕微紫外可視近赤外分光

A new tool (Place: 3rd floor BASE building) MSV-370 type microscope attached to ultraviolet-visible-near infrared spectrophotometer. = http://www.jascoint.co.jp/asia/products/semiconductor/uv.html A microspectroscopy system providing transmittance or reflectance measurements of microscopic sample sites for a wide range of wavelengths (Continuous measurements between 250 and 2,000 nm). ** Conventional measurements require samples with dimensions comparable to an mm sized…