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PAPER. Measuring carbon particles on leaf surface, 葉面上の炭素系粒子の計測手法

Journal: Asian Journal of Atmospheric Environment (2012)

Optical method for measuring deposition amount of black carbon particles on foliar surface

M. Yamaguchi, K. Takeda, Y. Otani, N. Murao, H. Sase, I. W. Lenggoro, K. Yazaki, K. Noguchi, A. Ishida, T. Izuta

Full article (PDF):

研究機関: 東京農工大学(農), 北海道大学(工), 日本環境衛生センター/アジア大気汚染研究センター, 森林総合研究所, 東京農工大学(工), 京都大学生態学研究センター

1: Faculty of Agriculture, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Fuchu, Tokyo
2: Graduate School of Agriculture, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Fuchu, Tokyo
3: Graduate School of Engineering, Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Hokkaido
4: Asia Center for Air Pollution Research, Niigata
5: Institute of Engineering, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Koganei, Tokyo
6: Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute, Tsukuba, Ibaraki
7: Shikoku Research Center, Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute, Kochi
8: Center for Ecological Research, Kyoto University, Otsu, Shiga
9: Institute of Agriculture, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Fuchu, Tokyo

To perform quick measurements of black carbon (BC) particles deposited on foliar surfaces of forest tree species, we investigated an optical method for measuring the amount of BC extracted from foliar surfaces and collected on quartz fiber filters. The seedlings of Fagus crenata, Castanopsis sieboldii, Larix kaempferi and Cryptomeria japonica were exposed to submicron BC particles for one growing season (June to December). At the end of the growing season, the leaves or needles of the seedlings were harvested and washed with deionized water followed by washing with chloroform to extract the BC particles deposited on the foliar surfaces. The extracted BC particles were collected on a quartz fiber filter. The absorption spectrum of the filters was measured by spectrophotometer with an integrating sphere. To obtain the relationship between the absorbance of the filter and the amount of BC particles on the filter, the amount of BC particles on the filter was determined as that of elemental carbon (EC) measured by a thermal optical method. At wavelengths below 450 nm, the absorption spectrum of the filter showed absorption by biological substances, such as epicuticular wax, resulting in the low coefficient of determination (R2) in the relationship between the amount of EC on the filter (MEC, μg C cm−2 filter area) and the absorbance of the filter. The intercept of the regression line between MEC and the absorbance of the filter at 580 nm (A580) was closest to 0. There was a significant linear relationship between the A580 and MEC (R2 = 0.917)

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2012.3: presentation SCEJ, 学会発表

2012/3/15 Tokyo, SCEJ Annual Meeting
Fabrication of particle-based probes and a protocol for detection of pesticide spread in the environment
(in Japanese) by Gen, Kakuta, Kamimoto, Lenggoro
(D1)玄 大雄・ (植物情報物質研究センター) 角田 英男・ (神奈川県産業技術センター) 上元 好仁・Wuled Lenggoro

2012/3/16 Tokyo, SCEJ Annual Meeting
Influence of sugar-to-carbon conversion on the synthesis of metal oxide powders
(in Japanese) by Sato, Widiatmoko, Lenggoro
(M2)佐藤 広崇, (D1)Pramujo Widiatmoko, Wuled Lenggoro

2012/3/3 Tokyo: SCEJ students conference
Synthesis of micro-meter sized metal oxide powders for solar-cell application
(in Japanese) by Kondo, Lenggoro
第14回 化学工学会学生発表会(東日本地区)
(B4)近藤 悠介・Wuled Lenggoro

OTHER PRESENTATIONS (by collaborators)
2012/3/16, Tokyo, SCEJ Annual Meeting
(東農工大工) ○(学)江島 達弥 ・ (東農工大BASE) (学)関澤 知哉 ・ (正)塚田 まゆみ ・ (正)Wuled Lenggoro ・ (正)神谷 秀博

2012/3/15-17, Sapporo, The 62nd Annual Meetings of Japan Wood Research Society
(農工大農)山根健一、半 智史、山口真弘、Widyanto Dwi Nugroho, (森林総研)黒田克史(北大農)佐野雄三、
(農工大BASE)(M1)関 明人、Wuled Lenggoro、(農工大農)伊豆田 猛, 船田 良