Message from a graduate who works for one of the world’s largest chemical companies. 世界最大級化学会社に勤務する先輩からのメッセージ


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学生時代の反省は、化学工学概論や移動現象論など、化工の素養を身に着けることは勿論であるが、どのような現場・状況で活きる知識なのか、考慮しながら学ぶことをしなかった点が挙げられる。また、プロセスシミュレーション技術の進歩に併せて、学生時代にもっと触れる機会が多く有れば非常に有用だったと感じている。 (January 2022, Written by M)

After completing my master’s degree seven years ago, I joined a chemical company (world leader) and was assigned to the process engineering department. This department was responsible for scaling up new products (short-term projects) and research/development of production technologies (medium- to long-term projects). Scale-up factors are determined from pilot to actual equipment and sometimes through downscale testing.

In the case where the mixing process was difficult to scale up in the project that I worked on when I first joined the company, it was found that the quantity of momentum supply was insufficient in the large scale, and that the effective surface was insufficient. By focusing on this and making prompt efforts to improve the process, we succeeded in scaling it up. Although it was a basic part, it was the first time that knowledge of chemical engineering was utilized. In the case of examining the capacity increase in the existing process, there are many cases in which the propriety is examined based on various balance from the specifications of the existing equipment.

One of the things that I reflected on during my university days was that I did not study while taking into account the kind of knowledge that could be put to use in the field and in the situation, although it was needless to say that I had to acquire the knowledge of chemical engineering, such as an introduction to chemical engineering and a theory of transfer phenomena. In addition, along with the progress of process simulation technology, I feel that it would have been very useful if I had had more opportunities to experience it during my school days.

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