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12/22: A dinner with new comers (two visiting graduate students from Bogor Agricultural University IPB) and K-Lab students. 忘年会・歓迎会

12/20: We visited a company, manufacturer of sound- and light-based instrumentations. 「音」と「光」をベースにした機器を開発・販売している会社を見学しました。

12/9: A dinner at Indonesian restaurant, hosted by three (pre-) doctoral students.

12/2: Open Lab for bachelor (1st grade) students. 1年生が研究室見学(授業・基礎ゼミの一環として)担当:4年生

12/1: Semi-open seminar : Society of Powder Technology at TUAT, 粉体工学会関東懇話会の行事:農工大講演会と研究室見学会(ホスト代表:レンゴロ)>>

11/30: Open Lab (12:00-17:45) for bachelor (3rd grade) students: 3年生向け

11/25: A closed seminar at University of Tokyo (Nanoparticles and environmental application, by Lenggoro) ナノ粒子の合成と機能化技術研究会「環境分野に向けた微粒子集積手法の開発 (招待)」(Other speakers: Profs. Yukio Yamaguchi (UT), Tatsuya Okubo (UT), Kikuo Okuyama (HU))

11/24: We visited a factory (in Chiba prefecture) and R & D division (in Tokyo) of a company…ある企業の工場(千葉県)と研究所(東京都)に見学しました(9:00-19:00)。神谷研究室と合同で研究室のほぼ全員が参加しました。

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11/18: A joint seminar with Tojo-Chosa group at School of Agricultur, Fuchu campus. We also visited an automatic TUAT plant factory.. 農学府の生産環境制御学研究室と合同セミナー >> 先進植物工場研究施設も見学.pdf >> More (1)

11/14-16: Five members visited a chemical plant in Chiba for measuring aerosol exhausted (Collaboration work with Kamiya Lab) . 工場排気口の粒子測定(5名)神谷研究室と共同研究の一環。

10/24: Four students visited TUAT Field Museum Tamakyuryo, an experimental forest in Hachioji, attending an Aerosol Lecture Symposium by JAAST.

10/16. Measured radio active of leaves and tress at several public parks, Tokyo.

Sept. 23-25: 4th Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Symposium, Bali, Indonesia. (Lenggoro: International Advisory Board). Organized by Institut Teknologi Bandung, Materials Research Society of Indonesia, Indonesian Pure and Appllied Physics and Indonesian Vacuum Society. >> Program(pdf); Photo: バリ島での学術会議の国際アドバイザリー委員(レンゴロ)

Sept.14-16, Nagoya: Society of Chemical Engineers – 43rd Fall Meeting (Gen: Presenter of 2 papers). A dinner with Mr. Sagawa (former graduate student, now with an engineering company)

Aug.27-29, Osaka: 28th Annual Meeting of Japan Association of Aerosol Science & Technology (Lenggoro: program committee). The venue had scheduled at TUAT campus, but was changed after 3.11.

Aug.26: Open Lab. with 54 high-school students and their 16 parents…

Aug. 17-20, XI’an (China) Asian Aerosol Conference (Gen: Presenter, and Lenggoro*=Scientific Steering Committee)

Aug.2: Open Lab…For registered high-school students interested in Chemical Engineering Dept. 化学システム工学科を希望する高校生のために研究室を公開

July 30: SCEJ 17th Symposium for High Schools.(化学工学会)高校生ためのシンポジウムと実験体験会, Koganei, Tokyo.※本事業は平成23年度科学研究費補助金(研究成果公開促進費)の助成を受けています。(Lenggoro: Organizer)

July 25: JAIST School of Materials Science Seminar (Lenggoro: Invited lecturer)

June 18: 化学システム工学科オープンラボ (レンゴロ研究室の実験体験会) 浮遊する微粒子を移動させてみよう … Department of Chemical Engineering: Open Lab..…Video

June 4 (土) 13:00– Think to study at one of the most active universities in Japan? Introduction of Graduate School BASE入試説明会.

May 24-25, Tokyo: Society of Powder Technology…2011 Spring Meeting (Presenters : Tsukada, Lenggoro)

Mar.22-24: 76th Annual Meeting, Society of Chemical Engineers, Koganei campus. (Doris/B4: presenter, Lenggoro: program committee). But this meeting was not implemented.

Mar. 5: “Last” lecture of Professor Matsuoka, Masakuni “Crystal Engineering, Crystallization Engineering, Crystal Chemical Engineering…結晶工学・結晶化工学・結晶化学工学. Picture is linked from

30 Jan-3 Feb.: 5th biennial Australian Colloid and Interface Symposium, Tasmania.(Dr. Nazli Naim, former student was invited) >> www

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2010 Nov.27: Six of us visited Shibuya Incineration Plant (渋谷清掃工場) to see and learn the system of “Electricity from Municipal Solid Waste”.

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Nov. 9-12: 23rd International Microprocesses and Nanotechnology Conference, Fukuoka (Gen: presenter) >> IMNC

Oct.12-13: 4th Asian Physics Symposium, Bandung. (WL: International Advisory Board) APS2010

Oct. 5-8: APCChE 2010, 13th Asia Pacific Confederation of Chemical Engineering Congress, Taipei (WL: presenter) www

Sept.17: As a project of SCEJ Kanto-chapter, 20 Bachelors and Masters’ students of Chemical Engineering at BASE Graduate School visit Tsurumi Soda Co. Ltd., a producer of caustic soda and chlorine in Yokohama (Organizer=WL).鶴見曹達(株)本社(横浜)工場に見学。

Sept.6-8: Autumn Meeting of SCEJ, Kyoto www (Lim, Gen & WL: speakers & Co-author)

Sept.3: As a lecture of Graduate School, 80 Master students (Gen, Lim, Sato) & WL (Trip Co-leader) visited Tokyo Metropolitan of Agriculture and Forestry Research Center in Tachikawa, and Toshiba in Fuchu…大学院授業の一環で 東京都農林総合研究センターと東芝(株)府中事業所に見学

Aug.29-Sept.3: International Aerosol Conference, Helsinki (WL: co-author)

Aug.26: 工学部説明会:研究室が開放されます。(Host: Gen, Lim, Doris, & Sato)

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Aug.3-5: Annual meeting of Japan Aerosol Society, Nagoya. www (WL: speaker, co-authors, session chair)

June 16: 3rd Nanoscience & Nanotechnology Symposium, Bandung (by Institut Teknologi Bandung and Materials Research Society of Indonesia) (WL: International Advisory Board) www

June 19: Open Lab for high school students. 高校生のための実験デモ:浮遊する微粒子を移動させてみよう(by Iguchi, Seki)

June 19: Departmental Open Lecture for High school students「有用な」電池の原料も「邪魔モノ」大気汚染物質も、微粒子。>> (WL:speaker)

June 12: Lab to Tsukuba Hot-Spring: Sports & Seminar (join-event with Kamiya Lab)

June 5: Open Lab & Public-Explanation, Graduate School of BASE (WL:speaker)

April 26-29: 6th World Congress on Particle Technology (WCPT6), Nuremberg, Germany (WL: co-author)
April 28: Welcome party for new professors in Graduate School of BASE.
April 9: Birthday Lunch (for 41 and 23).
April 7: Welcome party for BASE new graduate students.
April 5: Dinner at Indonesian restaurant, Koganei.

Mar. 22-24: Annual Meeting of the Ceramic Society of Japan, Koganei campus (WL: Technical committee, Staffs: Lim, Yamada, Sagawa, Anzai, Gen: Speaker) >

Mar.6: SCEJ 12th Students Meeting, Toyosu, Tokyo (Speakers: Takawa, Gen, WL: Organizing committee)..第12回化学工学会学生発表会(東日本地区), www

Feb.17: Public Hearing and Final Examination of Nazli Naim (Doctor Candidate), Graduate School of BASE (公聴会・最終試験) at 10:30.

Feb.15, Nagoya: A symposium on Tenure-track system (WL: guest speaker) >

Jan.22: Tsukuba: 新学術研究領域「東アジアにおけるエアロゾルの植物・人間系へのインパクト」会議 > ..www

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