Events in 2008



Dec. 26-27: Visited (study-tour) a beer factory in Kanagawa prefecture, and a beautiful view of Mountain Fuji, with Kamiya Lab

Dec.11-12: 第14回 流動化・粒子プロセッシングシンポジウム.Osaka.(Speaker: Odaira) >> www

Dec.5: 日刊工業新聞社セミナー:〜気相、液相、固相中、様々な手法を駆使しての均一化と分散、現状と展望〜(Speaker: KH)Osaka.

Nov.14: Open-Seminar for Public (on Chemical Engineering) …平成20年度 東京農工大学 公開講座 化学工学(講師: WL) www >> News at

- 静電気力と慣性力を用いた粒子径分布の計測 -」について、展示します(担:高須賀KLab)>> www

Nov.5: Open Lab for Undergrad(B3) students… 研究室紹介および懇親会

Oct.31: Music concert in our Graduate School: BASE Autumn Concert
Oct.30: 2008 Autumn Meeting of the Society of Powder Technology, Japan. 粉体工学会2008年度秋期研究発表会, Chiba (speaker:Suzuki/1st talk)
Oct.20: We measured an exhaust-line at a coal-combustion (pilot-scale) power plant.

Oct.3: JST-TUAT-Presentations.. 産学共同シーズイノベーション化事業JST Innovation Bridge東京農工大学研究発表会 (Presenter:WL) www..静電気力を用いた微粒子の移動と選択的沈着 – 液体から凝集しないまま微粒子を選び出す –

Sept.30: Bachelor students’ Presentation (Dept. of Chemical Engr.)
Sept.24-26: 40th Autumn Meeting of the Society of Chemical Engineers > www (Speaker: AR with his previous topic, advised/collaborated with Prof. H.M.)
Sept.17-18: 21st Fall Meeting of The Ceramic Society of Japan,Kitakyushu (Speaker:Soeda/1st talk, Session-chair:WL)

Aug 25-26: Indonesia-Japan Friendship Forum and Scientific Meeting (at TUAT, Koganei campus). Invited speakers: Masayuki Horio,…インドネシア留学生協会・大使館主催…日本インドネシア国交樹立50周年記念行事…小金井キャンパス, (WL:advisor)
Aug.20-22: 25 th Symp. Aerosol Sci. & Tech., and International Aerosol Symposium 2008, Kanazawa (WL:sessions’ chair,Aug.20-21)

Aug.20:4th Forum for Young Associations in JAAST (Japan Association of Aerosol Science and Technology), Kanazawa (WL:実行委員)
Aug.4: SS presented his paper (based on the result from Horio’s group) at 17th Annual Meeting of Japan Institute of Energy, Tokyo.

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July 3, 10: 13:30~…研究室見学会(学部生一年生)(by M1/TY)

June 23-25: International Symposium on Advanced Gas Cleaning Technology, Newcastle (Invited talk, Speaker: Prof. H. Kamiya)
June 21: Open Lab for high-school students (@K-Lab)
June 9: Seminar: Synthesis and Functionalization of Nanomaterials (Bandung, Indonesia) (WL:committee)
June 7: 13:00~… BASE大学院入試説明会
June 5: 13:30~…研究室紹介(学部生一年生)(by M1/SS+AR)

May 20-21: 粉体工学会・2008年度春期研究発表会 (京大会館) (WL+Sz.T)
May 9: Orientation with new students (undergraduate) at our department.

April 7: We moved from 3rd to 2nd floor (BASE building) > Office: 224, 225; Lab: 202.

Mar.26-28: Cleaning the new place (Lab and Office rooms), BASE 2nd floor.
Mar.26: A meeting of Young Association of JAAST in our building.
Mar.25: Graduation day and the Party for professors (hosted by students)
Mar.20-22: Annual Meeting : Ceramics Society of Japan (Nagaoka, presenter: N.N.)

Mar.17-19: Annual Meeting : Society of Chemical Engineers (Hamamatsu) (WL:Co-author and sessions’ chair)

Feb.29: A seminar at Kanagawa Industrial Technology Center (Ebina) (WL: invited lecturer)平成19年度第2回超微粒子・ナノ材料フォーラム「ナノバブルとナノスプレイ」(主催:神奈川県産業技術センター、共催: 神奈川県工業技術研究機関連絡会、神奈川県産業技術交流協会)講師:WL.

Feb.28: Online-measuring particle emission at a power-plant (TY, KM, WL).
Feb.22 10:30-11:30: Doctoral presentation of J. S. (WL:advisory committee)
Feb.21, 15:30- Prof. Masayuki Horio “Last Lecture”, Room L0111, Building-1, Koganei Campus.
Feb.10 10:30-11:30: Doctoral presentation of M.W. (WL:advisory committee)
Feb.19: Last presentation of Bachelor degree students (ST, TY) and the dinner with three incoming (undergrad) students.
Feb.18: MS.presentation (WL: reviewer for SC, KM, AJ)
Feb.1: 若手人材育成拠点・教員の外部評価 (for WL with Reviewers, from Tohoku Univ and Osaka Univ.)

Jan.8: “Welcome New Year” at Dept. of Chem. Eng. and Grad. School of BASE
Jan.7: Starting day for all members.