TRANSPORT: From gas-phase to substrate. 大気中微粒子は「特殊」基板へ沈着する


Charged gas-phase particles can be deposited onto both sides of a substrate. 平板のウラとオモテ面に気中の帯電微粒子が付着できる

Simultaneous deposition of submicron aerosols onto both surfaces of a plate substrate by electrostatic forces
M. Gen, S. Ikawa, S. Sagawa, I. W. Lenggoro
e-Journal of Surface Science and Nanotechnology, 2014.

We discovered that: More hydrophilic surface, more charged particles were trapped.見出しました・・・親水性の高い表面には正に帯電された微粒子が沈着しやすい

Area-selective deposition of charged particles derived from colloidal aerosol droplets on a surface with different hydrophilic levels
K. Kusdianto, M. Gen, I. W. Lenggoro
Journal of Aerosol Science, 2014.

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