Prof. Kozo Kuchitsu 朽津 耕三 先生 1927-2021


22 March 2021.

This sad news was forwarded from an email sent by Prof. M. Nakata 中田宗隆 transferring about another email from a son of Prof. Kozo Kuchitsu (Dr. Kazuyuki Kuchitsu 朽津 和幸, a professor of applied biological science at Tokyo University of Science)

Prof. Kuchitsu was a visiting professor at Graduate School of Bio-Applications and Systems Engineering (BASE), Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology. His “job” was to guide graduate students on how to write a better manuscript/paper for journal publication. During 2007-2019, a lot of students from our lab received his guidance, before the submission of manuscripts for journal articles.

During his class, Prof. Kuchitsu occasionally tell us that he was the person who teach physics to Prof. M. Koshiba to enter the Department of Physics (University of Tokyo). Prof. Koshiba won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2002.

Obituary: in Chemical Physics Letters (by K. Yamanouchi (Univ. Tokyo) D. C. Clary (U. Oxford), M. Quack (ETH Zürich)

1944 東京高等師範学校附属中学校(旧制) 4年修了 旧制一高に入学
1948 旧制第一高等学校卒業  Graduated, First Higher School
1951 東京大学(旧制)理学部化学科卒業 Graduated (Univ. Tokyo)
1969 東京大学理学部教授 物理化学第三講座担当 Professor at Univ. Tokyo
1987/4~1988/3 東京大学理学部長・ 大学院理学系研究科長 Dean of Faculty of Science
1988/3 停年で退職 Retired (Univ. Tokyo)
1988/4 長岡技術科学大学工学部教授 東京大学名誉教授 Professor at Nagaoka Univ. Technology
1993/3 同学を停年で退職、4月から名誉教授 Retired (Nagaoka)
1993/4~2003/3 城西大学理学部教授・のち客員教授 Professor, Josai University
2003/4~東京農工大学(客員教授)Visiting Professor, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology

1982/3 日本化学会賞 Chemical Society of Japan Award
1988/3 東レ科学技術賞 Toray Science and Technology Award
1922/11 紫綬褒章 Medal with Purple Ribbon
1999/11 勲二等瑞宝章 Second Class Order of the Sacred Treasure


ノーベル賞日本人受賞者9人の偉業【小柴 昌俊】 (

An interview to Prof. Koshiba (translated from Japanese)

…At that time, it was said that if you were not in the top 10% of your class in Science A at Ichiko (one of the brightest high school in Tokyo), you would fail the entrance exam for physics at the University of Tokyo. However, although I was in the first class of science, I was number ninety-something, half of the 190 students. Therefore, there was no way I would be accepted. But I thought, “Damn it,” so I decided to do whatever it took to get in. I asked Kuchitsu. He was so brilliant. I told him, “Hey, Kuchitsu, I’ve decided to take physics, and you’re going to be my personal tutor for a month. He went to the Faculty of Science with me, but instead of physics, he went into chemistry, and is now an emeritus professor of chemistry. He stayed with me and taught me a lot of things, and that’s how I got into the physics department…. そのころ,東京大学理学部物理を受験するには,一高の理科甲類というところの1割以内に入っていなければ,受けても落ちると言われていました。ところが,私は理科甲類ではあるけれど,190人中半分の九十何番でした。だから,受かるはずはありません。けれども,「こんちくしょう」と思いましたから,何としてでも入ってやろうと思いました。僕と同じ部屋で暮らしていた,朽津耕三(現東大名誉教授)という,飛び切りの秀才がいまして,彼は私と一緒に理学部に行きましたが,物理ではなくて化学へ入って,今は化学の名誉教授になっています。その彼がものすごい秀才で,私は「おい,朽津。俺は物理を受けることにした。1カ月間,おまえは俺の専属の家庭教師になれ」と言いました。彼が私に付きっきりでいろんなことを教えてくれたおかげで物理学科に入りました。