April 1: Erika started doctoral course; Kanno & Watanabe continued to Master’s course; Matsushima, Naito & Takematsu (Bachelor student) joined as final-project student and Sato Seiichi joined as a Master’s student. >> LIST

Jan.16-21: Visiting fellow: Dr. Asep Sofyan (from Dept. of Environmental Engineering, Institut Teknologi Bandung), with MEXT Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas “Aerosols and Plants”. He was also our visitor in 2008.
Dec.19: We welcome two visiting graduate students/fellows under Short-Visit program (Lenggoro: project leader) sponsored by JASSO/Japanese government, from Bogor Agricultural University (Institut Pertanian Bogor IPB, Indonesia) >> 90 days program. They stay with Yohda Lab at Department of Biotechnology and Life Science. 2名のインドネシア大学の大学院生(90日滞在)が来日し、生命工学科の養王田研に滞在します。

Dec.15: Three bachelor students from Dept. of Chemical Engineering will join in April 2012.

Oct.10: Doris Nekesa (B.Eng., 2011) got a scholarship and started master course (Chemical Engineering) at Loughborough University, U.K…卒業生ドリスは英国の大学院(化学工学)に進学。

Oct.6: Three new comers: Pramujo (Staff of Chemical Engineering, Institut Teknologi Bandung), Kusdianto (Chemical Engineering, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember, Surabaya) and Erika (Environmental Engineering, Institut Teknologi Bandung) joined for Doctoral course >> People…3名の留学生(インドネシア政府奨学生および日本政府奨学生)が博士課程入学のために来日しました。3人ともインドネシアの国立大学の教員および研究員。

Oct.5: Gen (TUAT B.Eng.2010, M.Eng.2011) started Doctoral course, and he also joined FOLENS: Education Program for Field-Oriented Leaders in Environmental Sectors in Asia and Africa, is a special program for postgraduate students

Oct.3: We welcome four visiting graduate students/fellows under SSSV Short-Visit 90 days program (Lenggoro: project leader) sponsored by JASSO/Japanese government, from two Universities (Institut Teknologi Bandung, University of Indonesia) >> 90 days program. 4名の留学生(3ヶ月滞在)が来日し、化学システム工学科の山下研と生命工学科の養王田研に配属。

Sept.21: Graduation day. * HAMA, Naoya with Doctoral degree. As a part-time student, he still join an aerosol instrument company in Tokyo. ** GEN, Masao with Master degree, after 18 months course. Achievements: >> Gen >> Hama…2名(博士課程、(短縮)修士課程)が修了しました。

Sept.X: Fauzia (in 2010 with us as a visiting doctoral student) got her Doctoral degree at Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (Chemical Engineering) with Dr. Heru Setyawan (visiting scholar in 2009) as supervisor.

Sept.9: A new site for our department (of Chemical Engineering): News, Events, etc..化学システム工学科関連ニュース等の新しいサイト

Aug. 27: Mr. Hatano, a bachelor student from the Lab of Prof. Kuwata, Masahiko at Soka University presented a research talk at 28th Annual Conference of Japan Association of Aerosol Science and Technology in Osaka. That was a collaborated result between our labs (TUAT-Soka Univ.) on a collection method of charged aerosol particles….共同研究先の学部生(4年生)が学会発表。

Aug. 25: Public Hearing (Final Examination) of Hama,Naoya for his Doctoral degree. Hama passed this examination. We had a dinner/party, and one of our alumni: Takawa san also joined us…博士課程学生の公聴会・最終試験(濱 尚矢).

July 25: A 90 minutes lecture (by Lenggoro) at School of Materials Science Seminar, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology >> Poster at JAIST

June 24: A Short-Visit (at TUAT) program sponsored by Japanese government for three Indonesian Universities (ITB, IPB, UI) (JASSO) was accepted (Lenggoro: Program Coordinator). >> 日本インドネシア農工融合国際人材育成研修プログラム

June 20: During this “summer time”, our campus changed the starting time of all classes from 8:45 to 8:00. >> Post-megaquake actions.

June: Three Pre-Doctoral Fellows (candidates) got the scholarships: (i) Overseas Postgraduate Scholarship Program from the Indonesian government and (ii) the Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho) Scholarships 2011…10月来日する博士課程後期の学生(3名)の奨学金助成(インドネシア政府2名、日本政府1名)が決定。

May: We welcome Dean and Professors from Malaysia-Japan International Institute of Technology (M-JIIT) Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.

May: A research seed at TUAT office. >> pdf

April 7: M. Gen and F.Y. Lim, received a Certificates of commendation from TUAT president, respectively, for their works on Design and fabrication of aerosol system for plants-growth chamber as “Best Poster Paper at 13th APPChe”…修士課程学生(2名)に学長からの表彰状(農学部との共同研究の成果は国際会議のポスター論文賞を受賞)。

April 1: New members join: Kanno, Kondo, Watanabe (bachelor degree student)

April 1: Lenggoro also hold appointment as a cooperative faculty at TUAT International Center (2011-2012)

Mar.25: Graduation ! Iguchi & Sasaki got Master degree, will join Plastics and Food product manufacturer, respectively. Doris got Bachelor degree (B.Eng.) and will go to U.K. for post-graduate in Chemical Engineering. Yamada & Seki continue join as Graduate students. >> Positions of former students…卒業式が中止になりましたが、5名(2名修士と3名学部)の学生が卒業/修了しました。

Mar.7-10: With a professor from TUAT-International Center, Lenggoro visited TUAT-sister relationship universities and institution in Indonesia (Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), The Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT) for a survey…国際センターの事業で留学に関する調査を行うため、インドネシアの姉妹校を訪問。ボゴール農科大学(副学長と対談)、バンドン工科大学(副学部長と対談)、科学技術評価応用庁(長官と対談)。またインドネシア政府研究・技術担当副大臣にも挨拶をしました。長官と副大臣はレンゴロの留学生時代の旧友である。

Jan.21, The first Bilateral Workshop between Dept. of Biological Production (School of Agriculture) and Dept. of Chemical Engineering (School of Engineering) (Lenggoro: speaker) 第1回農工若手研究交流会(工学部の化学システム工学科、農学部の生物生産学科との合同研究発表会)。たぶんこれが農工大「初」の試み。


2010/Dec.10: Nobel Laureate (Chemistry 2002) Prof. John Fenn has passed away (1917-2010). In 2000, Lenggoro had been staying at Yale working with Prof. Juan Fernandez de la Mora, on electrospray (Langmuir 2002), using the same room at Mason Lab, where Prof. Fenn developed electrospray ionization for mass spectrometry. Lenggoro also had a chance to talk with Prof. Fenn via phone, on a result using PEG polymer >> Anal. Chem. 2004…..フェン教授(2002年ノーベル化学賞)が死去。エレクトロスプレー(静電噴霧)イオン化法を発見した教授が使用した実験室で、レンゴロは2000年(2ヶ月間)に計測の研究を行いました。

Dec.8: Three bachelor students from Dept. of Chemical Engineering will join in April 2011.

Nov. Two years exposure experiments with four types of plants to submicro-meter sized carbon aerosol particles had finished by using our newly designed chamber-type exposure system with aerosol generator…研究室で設計/製作した粒子曝露チャンバー(府中キャンパスに設置)を用いた2年間の植物への曝露実験が終わりました。光合成速度などを調べていく予定。

Oct.12: Ms. Fauziatul Fajaroh (Doctoral student, Chemical Engineering, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS), Indonesia) joined for 70 days. Topic: An electrochemical method for powder synthesis..インドネシアの大学から客員博士課程学生が滞在。

Oct.X: Indah Nurmawati (our visiting bachelor student 2009-2010) graduated at Department of Physics, Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), Indonesia.

Oct.: About the Award at TUAT site限定サイトPDF

Oct.8: BEST POSTER PAPER AWARD for “A plant-growth chamber system for the exposure to submicron aerosol particles” (by Lenggoro, Gen, Lim, Ikawa, Yamaguchi, Izuta), in 13th Asia Pacific Confederation of Chemical Engineering Congress (Category: Clean Energy Systems and The Environment) Taipei..農学府との共同研究成果は、第13回アジア太平洋地域化学工学会連合会議(台北市)で、最優秀ポスター論文賞(クリーンエネルギーと環境部門)を受賞。

Sept. 27: Nazli Naim (Dr. Eng., 2010) accepted a position of Senior Lecturer from Faculty of Engineering, University Putra Malaysia, (Department of Process and Food Engineering)…3月に博士課程を修了したナズリがマレーシアの国立大学(プロセスと食品工学科の講師)に採用。

Sept. 26: Dr. Chikara Hayashi 林 主税 氏 (87)* passed away. He guided us on interfacing nanoparticles with plants/vegetations. *Former director of Ultra-Fine Particle project (1981): The “1st” nanotechnology project; Former president & chairman of ULVAC; Interview#1 | #2 | MIT fund…お別れの会(11月11日、帝国ホテル)に参列しました。林さんのおかげでナノ粒子と植物との関連(農薬の検出)研究が開始できました。> JJAP, 2011

Sept. 16: Ms. Indah Nurmawati, with one-year “STEP” Exchange Program, as a bachelor student, returned to Department of Physics, INSTITUT TEKNOLOGI BANDUNG (ITB), Indonesia…一年間滞在したインダが帰国(バンドン工科大学(バンドゥン工科大学)物理学科に戻って卒業する予定)。

Sept.3: 開始しました (米国NSFナノテクノロジーネットワーク) (WL:協力しました)

Aug.12: シンガポール国立大学(環境科学工学)博士論文の審査員に(WL)。

Aug.10: A “model” video for high school students, introducing Chemical Engineering (How to make water droplets). Made by Y. Iguchi (Master student) & A. Seki (Undergraduate student). An SCEJ project, with Yume Kagaku 21..化学工学会「夢化学プロジェクト」のモデル教材として、高校生向けの研究紹介Videoを作りました。

July 21: Poster-Introduction of Department of Chemical Engineering (@pdf) and Lab (@pdf), for high-school students (PDF files are in Japanese).(高校生向けの学科と研究室紹介ポスター)

July 20: Three years project “Impact of Particulate on Plant Productivity in Indonesia” has been started, sponsored by Ministry of Education, Republic of Indonesia (Members: Institut Teknologi Bandung-Department of Environmental Engineering, Universitas Padjadjaran-Faculty of Agriculture) *WL : International Cooperation Partner…インドネシアの2大学との共同研究「植物の成長におけるエンジンの排気ガスとミクロン粒子の付着の影響」が開始しました。予算はインドネシア政府。

June 15: Special Issue: Applications of Aerosol Processes in Particle Synthesis and Assembly, Journal of Aerosol Research, Vol. 25 (2010) No. 2 (WL:Editor) >> Article List, ..「エアロゾルプロセスを用いた粒子の合成・構造化とその応用」 特集号「エアロゾル研究」誌

June 12: Extracted from Scopus: Top 3 Cited (articles published in the last five years) in Advanced Powder Technology (Elsevier) (Vol.17, 2006, pp.587-611) : Preparation of functional nanostructured particles by spray drying (Okuyama/Abdullah/Lenggoro/Iskandar) www

May 6: An educational project >> On-site Safety Training for Chemistry Experiments (Fujinami Lab, Dept. of Computer and Information Sciences)…化学実験非熟練者の安全技能を向上するスマート実験室に関する研究.(情報工学科藤波研究室)(WL:協力研究者)

April: Our studies were selected and introduced in Green Campus Magazine (published two times per year by TUAT), PDF of vol. 34 (April 2010)…学内のキャンパス誌に研究室が紹介されました。

April 2: A doctoral degree student (IKAWA, from an instrument company), three undergraduate students (DORIS, SEKI, YAMADA), and a master-course student (SATO, graduated from Prof. Masakuni Matsuoka’s group) joined… 博士課程(社会人1名)、学部生(3名)、他研究室からの修士課程(1名)が新たに合流しました。

April 1: Institute of Symbiotic Science and Technology was changed to be Institute of Engineering, and Institute of Agriculture. 大学の組織が変わりました。研究者(WL)の所属は共生科学技術研究院から工学研究院(応用化学部門)に変わりました。

March 25: Graduation day: Eight students get Degrees. Bachelor of Engineering for GEN, LIM, TAKAWA; Master of Engineering for ANZAI, SAGAWA, SUZUKI, TAKASHIMA; Doctor of Engineering for NAZLI (The 1st from our group). >> Full-Name list >> Current positions…8名の学生が卒業(修了)しました。博士1名、修士4名、学部卒3名。

Feb.17: Public Hearing/Final Examination of Nazli Naim (Doctor Candidate): Electric force-assisted deposition of nanoparticles in aqueous suspension (博士課程学生の公聴会・最終試験).

Feb.15: Tenure-track symposium at Nagoya Institute of Technology (WL: Guest speaker)..名古屋工業大学・産学官連携による若手研究イノベータ養成プログラムシンポジウム

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