Co-hosted events 共催

2017-Aug.8-10: First International Conference and Exhibition on Powder Technology Indonesia (ICePTi-2017)
(Lenggoro: Advisory Board)

2017-Aug-9: 4th Japan Powder Technology Forum in Indonesia (within ICePTi2017)(Lenggoro: Co-organizer)

2017-Feb: 3rd International Conference on Global Sustainability and Chemical Engineering
Putrajaya, Malaysia. 15-16 Feb.
(Lenggoro: International Advisory Board)

2017/2/21-23 (日本能率協会)プロセス産業向け設備・システム・支援プログラム in インドネシア。Indonesia–Japan: Process Engineering (Hosted by JMA and Lenggoro is Advisor)

6th Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Symposium (NNS) 2015, Surakarta, Indonesia Chairman of Steering Committee was Dr. Agus Purwanto (Hiroshima Univ. Alumnus) and Dr. W. Lenggoro was a member of Advisory Board Committee. Dr. S. Inasawa (Assoc. Prof. at TUAT Chemical Engineering) was an invited speaker of NNS.

2015/Sept/2-3: Organized / 3rd Japan Powder Technology Forum in Indonesia (Bandung/Jatinangor)
粉体技術紹介inインドネシア(西ジャワ州) (Lenggoro: Chief Organizer)
10 presenters from Japan.

2014 March 10-14
International Conference on Optical Particle Characterization (OPC2014), AIST Tokyo Waterfront, Odaiba, Tokyo. (Abstract Submission, Close: Sept. 23)
Lenggoro is a member of Steering Committee

2013: Organized / 2nd Japan Powder Technology Forum in Indonesia (Surabaya 24 October)
粉体技術紹介inインドネシア(東ジャワ州) (Lenggoro: Chief Organizer)
11 presenters from Japan.

Japan Powder Forum 2013

2012: Organized / Japan Powder Technology Forum in Jakarta (5 July)
粉体技術紹介inジャカルタ(インドネシア・首都)(Lenggoro: Chief Organizer)
7 presenters from Japan.

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