Co-hosted events 共催

2017-Aug.8-10: First International Conference and Exhibition on Powder Technology Indonesia (ICePTi-2017)
(Lenggoro: Advisory Board)

2017-Aug-9: 4th Japan Powder Technology Forum in Indonesia (within ICePTi2017)(Lenggoro: Co-organizer)  …more

2017-Feb: 3rd International Conference on Global Sustainability and Chemical Engineering
Putrajaya, Malaysia. 15-16 Feb.
(Lenggoro: International Advisory Board)

2017/2/21-23 (日本能率協会)プロセス産業向け設備・システム・支援プログラム in インドネシア。Indonesia–Japan: Process Engineering (Hosted by JMA and Lenggoro is Advisor)

Pamphlet_170201 jma-indonesia

6th Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Symposium (NNS) 2015, Surakarta, Indonesia Chairman of Steering Committee was Dr. Agus Purwanto (Hiroshima Univ. Alumnus) and Dr. W. Lenggoro was a member of Advisory Board Committee. Dr. S. Inasawa (Assoc. Prof. at TUAT Chemical Engineering) was an invited speaker of NNS.

2015/Sept/2-3: Organized / 3rd Japan Powder Technology Forum in Indonesia (Bandung/Jatinangor)
粉体技術紹介inインドネシア(西ジャワ州) (Lenggoro: Chief Organizer)
10 presenters from Japan.

2014 March 10-14
International Conference on Optical Particle Characterization (OPC2014), AIST Tokyo Waterfront, Odaiba, Tokyo. (Abstract Submission, Close: Sept. 23)
Lenggoro is a member of Steering Committee

2013: Organized / 2nd Japan Powder Technology Forum in Indonesia (Surabaya 24 October)
粉体技術紹介inインドネシア(東ジャワ州) (Lenggoro: Chief Organizer)
11 presenters from Japan.

Japan Powder Forum 2013

2012: Organized / Japan Powder Technology Forum in Jakarta (5 July)
粉体技術紹介inジャカルタ(インドネシア・首都)(Lenggoro: Chief Organizer)
7 presenters from Japan.

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