New procedure: for Indonesian government funded doctoral students, From 2013

= = Graduate School of Bio-Applications and Systems Engineering (BASE) founded in 1995 was created with the goal of opening up new areas of research in the fields of agriculture and engineering. In 2010, BASE established a collaboration with the Graduate School of Waseda University and now offers a joint major between the two… Continue reading New procedure: for Indonesian government funded doctoral students, From 2013


Chaired – Tenure-track faculty presentation 25 June

W. Lenggoro chaired the first inter-departmental research presentation, by the current enure-track (new) faculties at Fuchu campus. 1. Dr. Satoshi Nakaba, Dept. of Environmental and Natural Resource Sciences - "Wood, Plant, Cell" 2. Dr. Nakamoto Keiichi. Dept. of Mechanical System Engineering - "Machine tool" 25 June 2012, Place: Headquarter building of Agriculture, Fuchu


Open lecture fof high school students

2010 June 19: Open Lab for high school students: 「有用な」電池の原料も、「邪魔モノ」大気汚染物質も、微粒子。 Open Lecture by Lenggoro and other professor at Dept. of Chemical Engineering TUAT >> www

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Materials for scholarship application (Monbukagakusho)

FOR CANDIDATE OF DOCTORAL STUDENT - Copy of (one's) family register OR prove of citizenship with English translation - Recommendation letter from Dean or higher person (than Dean), to President of TUAT - Photographs (45 x 35 mm), Write: Name and Nationality in the back side - Final transcript (Bachelor/B and Master/M) in English -… Continue reading Materials for scholarship application (Monbukagakusho)