Research directions

Study of particulate phenomena in chemical- and bio-systems in terms of the principles, practices, and concepts of physics such as motion, energy, force, time, thermodynamics and chemical equilibrium.

Aim of our Lab

To promote the understanding of “sub-micron” and “super-micron” scale related phenomena, by means of both fundamental and applied research into the characteristics of particles, 

To acts as a “forum” for the exchange of information and ideas within the aerosol/particle technology community.


intro target

Research area: a website
green particles

“National” university (in Japan) and research groups, are the media for students/scholars, to think the “global issue”, to try a hypothesis, and to publish their activities’ results.

Research Area

Thinking an issue on…
About the “last place” of materials suspended in the gas-phase: the atmosphere. On the Plants ? Soil ? Ocean ? How do surfaces (of plants, etc.) respond to incoming particulate materials?

We study …
Influence of “surface characteristic” for immobilizing the incoming particulate materials from the gas- or liquid-phase.


Thinking an issue on…
About the “last/final” place of the elements/compounds of used electronic materials. Who should make a decision for this issue ?

We study … 
Synthesis process for fabricating particulate materials (in nano- and micro-level), by also considering about the “last process” or “last place” of the product (electronic devices, etc.).
We consider to use various phases (liquid- or gas- or solid) for sources, with discussion on
(i) the effect of the phase of sources (solid or liquid) as well as the use of biomass-sources
(ii) phase conversion during process, including a numerical simulation approach
(iii) energy (heat) used in the process (with also using advanced numerical models)
to produce a product/device with high performance.