Research directions

Aim of our Lab

To promote the understanding of “sub-micron” and “super-micron” scale related phenomena, by means of both fundamental and applied research into the characteristics of particles, 

To acts as a “forum” for the exchange of information and ideas within the aerosol science and particle technology community.


intro target

Research area: a website
green particles

“National” university (in Japan) and research groups, are the media for students/scholars, to think the “global issue”, to try a hypothesis, and to publish their activities’ results.

Research Area

Thinking an issue on…
About the “last place” of materials suspended in the gas-phase: the atmosphere. On the Plants ? Soil ? Ocean ? How do surfaces (of plants, etc.) respond to incoming particulate materials?

We study …
Influence of “surface characteristic” for immobilizing the incoming particulate materials from the gas- or liquid-phase.


Thinking an issue on…
About the “last/final” place of the elements/compounds of used electronic materials. Who should make a decision for this issue ?

We study … 
Synthesis process for fabricating particulate materials (in nano- and micro-level), by also considering about the “last process” or “last place” of the product (electronic devices, etc.).
We consider to use various phases (liquid- or gas- or solid) for sources, with discussion on
(i) the effect of the phase of sources (solid or liquid) as well as the use of biomass-sources
(ii) phase conversion during process, including a numerical simulation approach
(iii) energy (heat) used in the process (with also using advanced numerical models)
to produce a product/device with high performance.