With 1st year students: A Sustainable “Food” Society.「食」循環型社会を考える。1年生の授業


化学物理工学基礎プロジェクト演習 2022年10月〜2023年2月

「マテリアル・フローから循環型社会を考える」Thinking about a Sustainable Society from a Material Flow Perspective.



 In the presence of extreme weather and pandemics that affect food production and its distribution, food prices continue to increase, partially because of war in the major wheat producing countries. Given the rising prices of grains used as food for livestock in Japan, the dependence on imports for almost all of the main (inorganic) fertilizers, Japan’s declining food self-sufficiency and the dependence on foreign countries for vegetable seeds and so on, how do the country secure the necessary food? We will try to find out what we need to do as learners of physics, chemistry, and biology, and try to propose strategies for the future of food. We are also considering posting the results of our discussions in a website.