Job: Assoc. Prof. (PI) in Quantum Technology & related studies. Tenure-track.


東京農工大学化学物理工学科では、量子技術および関連分野において、本学テニュアトラック制度によるテニュアトラック准教授1名を公募いたします。研究教育実施のための様々なサポートを受けながら、独立した研究室を運営していただきます。The Department of Applied Physics and Chemical Engineering, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology TUAT invites applications for a tenure-track Associate Professor in quantum technology and related studies. *The appointee will run his/her own independent research group/lab.

締切日 DEADLINE 2022/June/15 (Wed) 23:59

We would like to give priority to those who have more than 5 years of education and/or research experience at universities/research institutes outside Japan. For detail, please see: /documents/

The successful candidate is expected to have good prospects for tackling global challenges such as energy, the environment, and new materials, which are the main research and educational focus of the Department of Applied Physics and Chemical Engineering.

The appointee will be provided with 9 million yen (4.5 million yen for the first year and another 4.5 million yen for the second year) as a startup fund. For the remaining years, annual research budget equal to that of the tenured faculty will be provided. Independent research space (lab) will be allocated. The employment of an administrative assistant (group/lab secretary) will be financially supported. TUAT can help the appointee improve his/her Japanese language proficiency during the tenure-track period.

The annual salary will be from about 6.3 million to 7 million yen (plus commuting allowance, etc.). This is roughly equivalent to the salary of tenured associate professors, and the exact amount is determined based on the TUAT regulations, considering the appointee’s previous career and achievements.

Official Application Guideline (PDF):

TUAT official announcement (in English): and in Japanese:

From the Application Guideline:

The Department of Applied Physics and Chemical Engineering, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (TUAT) invites applications for an associate professor (tenure-track) position in quantum technology and related fields. The term of tenure-track is five years. The appointee will be affiliated with the Institute of Engineering and will run an independent research group (lab). The appointee will receive preferential treatment in the allocation of start-up funds for the initial launch of the lab and in administrative support etc. In addition, the workplace provides an environment in which the appointee can concentrate on his / her research, reducing the burden of classes (lectures) and administrative work. The appointee is expected to give class(es) in their field of expertise and guide graduate students within the research group. The tenure review is conducted in the third and fifth years of the tenure track period. If the evaluation indicates that the appointee is appropriate, she/he will be promoted to a tenured position. The appointee who makes significant achievements may be promoted to a tenured position in the third year. Under the TUAT tenure-track system, we guarantee tenured position for all who deserve it. The evaluation criteria will be established within six months after appointment, and the tenure review evaluates the appointee’s contribution to research and education.

Applicants need to meet all of the following qualifications.

1) An applicant with a doctoral degree (Ph.D.) who has completed over 5 years of higher education in countries other than Japan or who has over 5 years of research experience at research institute(s) in countries other than Japan

2) Within 10 years after obtaining a doctoral degree (Ph.D.) at the time of appointment

3) Ability to conduct international joint research and to write internationally co-authored

4) Enthusiasm and capability to get research funds from countries other than Japan.

Japanese proficiency is not required at the time of appointment.