Members, Oct.2011-Mar.2012


* LAB MEMBERS, OCT.2011-MAR.2012
* Erika Herliana …..Research (Pre-Doctoral) student
* Gen, Masao …..Doctoral student (full-time, October-started) >; Data
* Ikawa, Seiji …..Doctoral student (part-time, April-started), with a company
* Kanno, Hiroya …..Bachelor student
* Kondo, Yusuke …..Bachelor student
* Kusdianto …..Doctoral student (full-time, October-started)
* Lim, Fong Zyin …..Master’s student >; Data
* Pramujo Widiatmoko …..Doctoral student (full-time, October-started) <; ITB ChE
* Sato, Hirotaka …..Master’s student
* Seki, Akito …..Master’s student
* Watanabe, Azusa …..Bachelor student
* Yamada, Yousuke …..Master’s student

* Kondo, Yuko …..Administrative Assistant (part-time)
* Wuled Lenggoro Dr., ….. Principal Investigator

>; SSSV: Japan-Indonesia program on Agriculture & Engineering (90 days, Sponsor:JASSO)

* Kuwata, Masahiko Dr. (part-time). Professor at Soka Univ., Tokyo

# Tsukada, Mayumi Dr., ..Dept. Chemical Engineering
# Kamiya, Hidehiro Dr., ..Grad. School of BASE, Dept. Chemical Engineering >; Lab
# Iijima, Motoyuki Dr., ..Grad. School of BASE, Dept. Chemical Engineering
# Izuta, Takeshi Dr., ..Grad. School of Agriculture+ Lab
# Yamaguchi, Masahiro Dr., ..Faculty of Agriculture+
# Funada, Ryo Dr., ..Grad. School of Agriculture+ Lab
# Nakaba, Satoshi Dr., ..Faculty of Agriculture+
# Fujinami, Kaori Dr., Dept. Computer, Information & Communication Sciences >; Project.
# Sameshima, Toshiyuki Dr., Dept. Electrical & Electronic Engineering >; Lab
# Minejima, Chika Dr., ..Dept. Chemical Engineering
+ Department of Environmental and Natural Resource Science.

>;>; Other collaborators

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:: Guest from abroad >;>; 海外からのゲスト

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