2011/8/25 博士論文公聴会 HAMA, Naoya – Doctoral presentation: Measurement of gas-phase particles

東京農工大学 大学院生物システム応用科学府(BASE)
博士後期課程 博士論文公聴会-Doctoral presentation- 濱 尚矢(Hama,Naoya)
Measurement methodology for combustion-generated aerosol particles

2011/08/25, 10:00– BASE1階会議室
1. Calibration of particle counters and their environmental condition
2. Modeling the stationary source: Measurement of aerosols using laboratory-based gas-to-particle conversion
3. On-board measurement of aerosol particles from mobile source: Passenger cars

主査:Wuled Lenggoro
副査:神谷 秀博, 中田 宗隆, 下村 武史, 銭 衛華

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